April 2022 How I earned £665 from side hustle

How I earned £665.65 in April from side hustles alone

Another month another earning report, a good month in April with a whole variety of different side hustles and methods of making money from home. All in all with cash, crypto and vouchers earning an extra £665.65. Excellent month all-in determined to make that even more next year.

Here is the full breakdown

Kdp £45.72 profit

I did spend on some ads this month. Which I have been hoping has boosted my income. Again another that hopefully, we will see with time the rewards.

I spent £10.41 on ads and this month made sales of £56.13 leaving me with a profit of £45.72. Not bad for no extra work. On hold for the book production at the moment. But got me some ideas brewing to keep building this passive income

Check out my quick guides of what KDP is all about and how I made £450 in Q4 from notebooks and planners

Lego investing: £9.87

We snuck in 2 shipments just before the end of the month and snuck in one sale before April finished.

Selling one of the Lego Friends 41422, which we picked up at half price a year ago at Tesco. Space really pushed me to send this in of which I had 8. After all fees, we made £9.87 on the item making a 78% profit.

Read about how I got started with Lego investing here

Surveys £170

A good month for surveys helped by a stellar month from Populus, lifepoints and panel base

Populus: £100

Lifepoints: £40

Panelbase: £30

Check out my ultimate guide to surveys here

User testing £65

Not the dizzying heights of march where we more than doubled this total but still a good earning adventure. Just the solitary user testing survey but intellizoom again did me proud

Intellizoom £58.85

Usertesting £6.15


Market research earnings £76

All from a solitary D scout invitation that probably took about an hour very well paid for the time. Market research is where the big money is if you can get into the studies.

Find the best market research sites here

Vouchers: £15

We made a fair bit from vouchers this month as well


Amazon shopper panel £5

Random study £5

Jupiter £5


Competitions £70

Bet 365 have been dishing out the free bets this month, with no need for a deposit. They have offered lots of free bets on football and horse racing.

I had a very lucky day where three of these bets came in and whacked my total up another £70 in cash.



Cake DFI 6.85 £18.38

All from staking DFI in cake. Nice little passive income I will aim to take some profit in about a years time when more DFI unfreezes for now keep staking my earnings.

Check out here how to earn free DFI for well free just follow my step by step plans

Sign ups and referrals £160

We had a good month of referrals.

£100 for profile pensions with 2 people signing up getting £50 themselves in amazon vouchers

£30 with zilch - where people took advantage of the free £15

Ever up £10

Shares app £20


Blogging £35.68

Blogging money is still a slow burner but hay I enjoy what I am doing.

Adsense £3.78

Read.cash £10.41

Amazon associate £21.49

A decent month, been a busy month with lots of packing and an impending move. But still finding time to make this money in my spare time is massively beneficial on to May

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