August 2021 earnings

August earnings report 2021: £558.41

August has been another impressive month in the money earning stakes, average I would say lately, not as good as perhaps would have expected. But we will certainly take it. The old trustworthy options are shining through again. Surveys and user testing, and some big referral bonuses from cake defi, for some free crypto that will be cash in the bank in 6 months if I want.

Lots of working in the background on other things that will hopefully turn into fruition later on, some buying to hopefully sell later on. Improving the website and working on few other things as well. But in the mean time, these faithful methods are still ticking up and earning some decent money. So let's break it down to see what we got and how.

Surveys: £226.33

Usertesting: £69.51

Vouchers: £45.00

Market research £35.00

Crypto £17.48

Referrals £165.09

Surveys: £226.33

Clickworker: £83.11

Clickworker is a great site to earn some extra money online, and this month got payment for some very good studies, they were actually completed in July, but due to the wait in them becoming pending. It was august we got paid for 6 tests involving eye-tracking on the iPhone paid €15 per study that took just over ten minutes each. Completing 6 of these studies and a couple of shorter ones got us to this impressive target.

Well worth signing up to and checking each day to see if any big paying studies. Not very common but when they are they are a must.

Sign up here (Referral bonus is €5 if the person who signed up earns €10)

Panelbase £60.05

Great month of panel base studies this month, lots of surveys across the two accounts and helped by a massive £35 market research study that took an hour about football.

This is one of the best things about panel base as they have the opportunity for much bigger studies. Like consumer pulse and others which have really boosted my income.

Sign up here (no referral but you can start off with £3)

Lifepoints: £45

Another great solid month with lifepoints, this has become the norm for this great survey site, always regular surveys, often worth their time. With low withdrawal of just £5.

No big studies this month but the volume has kept up throughout august to get us to £45 this month

Sign up here (no referral)

Qmee: £26.82

The second month in a row that Qmee has got back to its best, the surveys have been much better paying recently that being said, I have had a couple of really frustrating ones with screenouts after 10 minutes, too many of these and I will leave this site in the wayside.

I am going to try an ambitious target of £1 a day in September we shall see how it goes

Sign up here (50 pence each for signing up)

Curious cat: £6.25

I had given up on curious cat few months ago, but I have still been checking in here and there, and few bigger surveys for watching an advert have been available, but to be honest the others are absolutely rubbish. There are a lot more ways to be productive with your time. I have got in the habit of checking once a day and sometimes will see a 3 part survey for watching an advert online, I do them and nothing else

Askable £5.00

Askable is a bit different to other survey sites, but a great rate of pay, get a text about the studies, see if you qualify, and then either they will have surveys that can be completed then and there. Or an invitation to bigger studies, both fantastic rates of pay for your time.

Only negative is that there is nowhere near enough surveys available

Sign up here

Citizen me £0.10

A little app another that used to be a lot better so so sporadic these surveys but still complete if get a ping as they take just a few seconds, but not a lot of money for them

Usertesting: £69.51

Usertesting: £36.35

Usertesting had a great month this month with 5 paying studies, $10 for each study 5-10 minutes work at a time, for talking about websites really good month and pipped intellizoom for the fist time.

Sign up here

Intellizoom: £26.90

Not as good this month for intellizoom but still a few tests which was really good. Did however have one study that I didn't get paid for not sure what I did that made it that I didnt get paid, maybe the back ground noise which always makes it difficult in a busy house

Sign up here

Userlytics: £6.26

Just one for userlytics this month, few invites but they go so quickly it is hard to get on them, you would probably have to jump on them 15 minutes in to getting an email invite and that is just not possible, not the best but still try to squeeze in there no time wasted at least.

Sign up here

Vouchers: £45.00

I-say: £5.00

£5 amazon voucher from I-say, surveys can be quite long and tedious but a fairly good reward for them, but you do get a lot of screenouts. Worth checking out for the £1 surveys but otherwise not great

Maximiles £25.00

This is a slow burning one, been storing up the points for a while, surveys are emailed to you. Can redeem for lots of different things DVDs games etc, or vouchers so this will go in the Christmas fund with a £25 Argos voucher

Jupiter surveys £5.00

These studies are always quite cool, watch a tv show or answer some questions and get some points, studies are emailed to you, and quite sporadic but worth jumping on

Clubhouse surveys: £10.00

Another random site has been signed up for a while each week, tell them what sport you have been watching with a few questions and their points will add up to some amazon vouchers which was fortunate to redeem this month.

Market research: £35.00 (voucher)

Completed an angelfish market research study all about the fa and football which was well up my street just took an hour and £35 amazon voucher.

Crypto: £17.48

Leo finance blog: £6.46

Didnt post many articles this month with leo finance but some bonus crypto (leo token) for just copying and pasting couple of articles in a different form.

Coinbase £5.29

Some more learn and earn opportunities here which was great, really quick and easy to boost my coinbase holdings £4.78

Bit less than leo, which is surprising as normally is my best crypto earner, but the earning shave definitely dropped recently

Publish ox; £0.95

Some from writing and more from reading, I would read this articles anyway so tiny amounts of crypto for doing so will make me happy


Referrals: £165.09

Cake defi £116.32

Got 4 referrals to cake defi 3 of which during their Olympic bonus, where they got $50 of crypto deal now reduced to $30 but great sign up bonus for pretty much free.The bonus has now been reduced to $30 if referred and $10 if you refer someone. (The DFI token will then need to be held for 6 months until can withdraw, your $50 deposit can be withdrawn straight away

Sign up here

Zumo £18.77

Zumo did a great deal where if you signed up and verified you got 0.04 bsv (£4.86) at time of writing, so was able to turn this into cash quite quickly with minimal fees.

Download the app here -  verify ID
Use my code when asked - RSYTN.

Zilch £15

£15 from the zilch that turned into amazon vouchers as opposed to money off a shop. Really easy to do as well

Sign up here

Read the full guide here

Tickr £15

Got a £15 referral for tickr as well for someone signing up. The person who signs up also gets £15

Sign up here

Read full guide here


In summary it was a good month, September we are going for even more,with some great starting points already

  • I am booked into a market research for 90 minutes on the 2nd £50 cash
  • Awaiting my £50 octopus cashback for signing up
  • I am £1 away from getting to withdrawal bonus for populous but not quite there so should easily get there in September