July 2021 earning report


July total earnings: £1350.62

July was a good month, we had a lot of financial success this month in our earning, and again a wide variety of opportunities, did get a bit lucky with a big win, but there was work to be done in that.

Surveys and user testing were kings again in our earning opportunities and also some fantastic cryptocurrency options this month as well which has boosted our holdings.

Lastly, some lovely referrals have helped boost our income as well making myself and my lovely money earning friends some money as well.

The breakdown

Surveys - £209.05

Usertesting - £81.28

Cashback - £5.00

Sign ups / Referrals: £156.90

Free crypto: £20.85

Competitions £867.54

Vouchers £10.00


Populus: £100 this month: £400 for the year
This is one of the cheeky ones that I use two accounts for and for both of them this month I have hit the £50 threshold for withdrawal. Excellent survey site as always

Account 1: Had £31 of surveys that got paid this month - so starting next month at £1 going to be tough to get to withdrawal

Account 2: Had £34 of surveys and now on £8

It is the best for a reason, regular reliable and well worth my time
Sign up here

Lifepoints: £50 this month £335 for the year
Another one that I have two accounts of, these surveys are not quite as worthwhile as Populus but there is a lot more of them. Targeting £50 a month and hit it again excellent survey site!

Account 1: £30 from the first account, lots of regular surveys
Account 2: £20 not as many - but just squeezed into £50 between the two

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Panel base: £26.85 this month, £141.23 for the year
The last of the two accounters, decent payouts and regular surveys always up there, more screenouts than the other but overall still really good

Account 1: £16.90 excellent return this month

Account 2: £19.95 on second account again lots of surveys

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Qmee - £22.20 this month - £93.11 for the month

The second good month this month targeting £25 not quite there but just under, only trying to focus on the decent surveys, sometimes a frustrating one with lots of screen outs but also lots of surveys.

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Swagbucks £10 this month - £50 for the year

Hit our target again but it is a slog with the surveys, trying to find the ones worthwhile, but the volume is there but the slog is better elsewhere for me.

As always a lot of other ways to earn with Swagbucks

Sign up here we each get 300 swagbucks once person referred earns 300 swagbucks

User testing again proving itelf well worth my time not as many studies as I would have liked and would definitely like to try and get some more, these ones that i am using however their studies are nice a quick and easy others I find can be more time consuming

Intellizoom - £45.29 - £185 for the year

Good level of tests again with intellizoom, lots of tests done so am happy with that, not as many as previous months so maybe the income in august will be lower

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Usertesting - £28.80 - £57.53 - for the year

I did a few more user testing ones which are good if you can get into them they are good, definitely alot more screenouts than intellizoom

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Userlytics - £7.19 - £28.79 for the year

Rare invites and often by the time I have got to them it has already gone so I only managed to get one done this month

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Oh my dosh £5 profit

Havent been doing much purchasing of anything at all lately and therefore no cashback, but this one was a £5 profit from a betting offer, highlighting some of the topcashback offers that are available

If starting out oh my dosh has the ability to get lots of free money for signing up for free offers or profitable cashback
Check out my cashback pages for more

Sign up to oh my dosh and get £1 to start off with, tell your friends and if they sign up you can earn £5


I-say £5 - £45 this year

Another slog this survey company but couple of good ones worth doing getting to the £5 mark small voucher to pop in the wallet

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TRP £5 - £28 this year

The daily surveys again for watching some tell few seconds every day always good


Numbrs - £867.54 - offer now expired

This. competition has sadly ended, but was a good money earner as I posted about in the past, I got luckier than most and won a big prize of €1,000. and then 2 more of the standard €20.00 which most people won, i was fortunate to get some referrals and sure hope that the people referrred got money as well.

The prize draw was clearly a very generous offer and had been going for a while but was always going to come to an end, I dont think the budgeting app being worth £11 a month is the case, so can't see many people continuing it. We will keep a look out and see if the offer returns

Free crypto

Coinbase: £4.42

2 more learn and earn quizzes I completed this month which tops up the crypto balance ever so slightly
Check out the answers for balancer coinbase quize answers and clover quiz answers as well, and many others as well

Read.cash £2.35

Very small amount made from the blogs pretty much copy and paste jobs from here, but occassional new ones

Follow us on there for more money earning content

noise.cash £4.87

The twitter that pays you as I like to dub it, earned less on there this month which was a shame but still very much worth checking out and more importantly a really cool community.

Publish ox: £5 approx

Get paid again for reading and writing stories, can probably earn about 6 cents a day, if tipped ypurself the maximum on 6 articles, but agian can earn some free crypto just for reading articles.

Leo finance blog: £4.21

Similar to read.cash this more a specifc finance blog that pays you crypto in the form of leo token for any up votes, again another really interesting community and another earning opportunities


Sign ups / Referrals

These offers have served me well, all referrals where have made other people money as well which is always nice, some of these offers were and are still boosted.

Cake: £107.87 of DFI ($50 for signing up $25 per referral)

This offer was boosted again, I was fortunate to get 4 referrals which meant as well as the $25 bonus for each referral there was also $50 bonus on top.

You can earn $50 for signing up and $25 for each referral you get until 8th august, so be quick, the normal referral bonus is $30 so a nice boost and all effectively for free

1) First of all you just need to sign up to Cake DFI with an email address and password - $50 with a referral code Sign up here
Referral code: 919426

2) So you will need to then complete the KYC - for this, you will need

Your full name, country of residence, mobile number, national ID or passport and proof of address

3) Then the deposit:

Then you just need to deposit $50 worth of crypto in the cake address

I used dash as the fees were cheapest - I would not use bitcoin or ethereum

4) And that is step 4: $50 of DFI
It should arrive quite quickly into your account. Remember your DFI is locked in for 6 months staking away and then you will either be able to extend or withdraw. But can take your deposit straight back out if you wish

If you get stuck on any of these shoot me a message on here or twitter

Ziglu £30.00

This offer boosted from £5 - 10 then to 20 for a short period of time, currently back down to £5. But for a £1 deposit well worth it

  1. Sign up with invite link -
  2. Download the app
  3. Top up your account with £1
  4. Buy £1 worth of crypto
  5. Get £5 in account which can be instantly withdrawn


Zumo £4.03

This is an awesome offer at the moment, get 0.04 bitcoinsv just for signing up to their app and verifying

Get the 0.04 in BSV (worth £3.77 at the moment) just by downloading the app and verifying your account. No deposit is required.

Download the app

Verify your account

Use referral code: RSYTN

Tickr £15

This is another cool offer, for downloading tickr and signing up can get £15 free in your investment account, and 2 trees planted, can withdraw after a few months so after fees should take home £12

Read more here about these and other sign up offers here