June Earning Report 2021

June earning report:  £632.05

Great month this month, lots of surveys and user testing opportunities, as well as some huge sign up offers that have helped boost the earnings for June.

All of this was done within a couple of hours each night, been a little less productive this month, might have something to do with the football.

The old favourites are still always at the top, and we had a few sites that we have had our first earnings on for a while.

Also, check out the great sign up offers for tide and Numbrs which have helped boost my income with so much little work.


Surveys £246.78

Clickworker: £29.74

Usertesting: £69.40

Sign up: £133.41

Vouchers: £110.00

Crypto: £42.72



Surveys £246.78

Lifepoints £65 (£40 from one account £25 from the other)

A superb month from lifepoints, lots of studies lots of quick ones, good payouts, earned alot from webcam studies where just watch some videos.

But an exceptionally busy month with life points, always up there as one of the best earners

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Populus £50.00  Full review here

The streak continues we have redeemed £50 every month this year with either account, see whether we can keep this up next month, we only earned £9 from one account and £21 from the other so we will have to go some in July to reach withdrawal in either of them but we have done well so far

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Yougov £50

Yougov has been brilliant for me this year we have earned £150, and as I have said before all down to YouGov safe, sharing my data with them once a week it has been mega, few surveys to boost it as well but here is the breakdown

The breakdown for the £50.00

Yougov safe: £35.00

Surveys £13.50

Referral £4.00

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Qmee £25.18

A great month for Qmee this was Qmee back to its best with some great surveys. Studies worth £1.50 for 5 minutes work, been avoiding the vast majority of Qmee as it hasn't been worth it but all round much better month. We shall see if July continues this good form

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Pureprofile £20.00

Pure profile finally gets to the withdrawal stage again, it has taken 3 months not many surveys and a lot of screenouts but we have stumbled to the £20 cash withdrawal

Still worth the time I would say but be prepared for the long slog

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Mingle £16

Another long slog this one but we got to withdrawal again, surveys are ok decentish length and not many screen outs, but just not enough of them, it wont make consistent money all the way through

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Panelbase £10.60

Not as good a month this month as last on panel base, just creeped over the line with one account getting to £10 withdrawal and not quite hitting the marks on the other getting to £8.60

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Swagbucks £10.00

Got to £10 this month on Swagbucks, another one that at the moment I consider the surveys not worthwhile, but there were another few good ones this month (200 Swagbucks for 10 minutes which helped me get to the magic 1400 for £10

Sign up here and we both get 300 swagbucks - great for the introductory offers but surveys not the best anymore


Clickworker Micro work: £29.74

Clickworker: £29.74

Clickworker is in its own little bubble here as a micro work site, not quite surveys but some surveys and some voice recording, some user tests.

But it was a great month for 'clickworker' with payments of £29.74 in total

Always has some great surveys and is a fantastic site for earning some extra money

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Usertesting: £69.40

Intellizoom: £47.71

Another standard month for intellizoom lots of studies again, nice quick and easy to do, only 1 study didnt get paid, maybe because there was a lot of background noise. But all the others got paid promptly and were nice and easy to complete. Really enjoying the user testing opportunities

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Usertesting: £21.69

3 User testing opportunities that got paid for this month, 2 web and 1 phone based.

Apply for a lot of these but get into so few of them, but still good money for the time, not as good as intellizoom but better than surveys

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Vouchers £110


I-say £5

Not many surveys and lots of screenouts, had some issues start of the month where the surveys wouldnt work, switched to brave and worked for some reason

Trp £5

The daily surveys that take seconds each day, got to another withdrawal well worth being on your regular to do list

Opinion panel £25

This one is a panel for students, I lied said I was a student, just used my old details, surveys are so sporadic but saw I was very close to withdrawal so persevered and got my £25 amazon voucher

Consumer pulse £70

This one I think you had to be invited to I think I signed up through panelbase, but toluna has invited in their surveys as well, all you do is enter in the things you buy and you get points, not as many as first started but still great earner, I had enough for a £50 argos voucher on one account and £20 argos on the other.

Jupiter £5

These surveys are pretty cool just watch some tv shows and answer few questions and get points once you get to the 100 points you get a £5 amazon voucher emailed to you

Sign ups: £133.41

Tide banking £100

Signed up to the Tide banking account last month, the offer I did at the time was through hot uk deals and for signing up through their link and got a £100 paid into the account 2 weeks later.

Remember – Use code FREE75 and you only need to deposit £1 into your account within 3 months to get £75 FREE (Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your free cash). There are no other codes online which offer these added benefits.

No referral bonuses


Numbrs: £33.41

Last week signed up to Numbrs - a finance app that offers a free trial, just for their weekly lottery and won €40
From what I have seen for others most people win €10 - 20
Really easy to sign up, just sign up register and link a bank account can be done through the app.
The app is not free but if sign up for an annual subscription you get 2 weeks free (more time to get your friends and family referred) and get more tickets.

Cancelling the subscription through apple pay is REALLY easy, incredibly easy to do but for this offer to be worthwhile YOU HAVE TO CANCEL!!! The app is not worth it but there is a great chance of winning some dosh!!
Referral link (free entry into draw)


Crypto: £42.72

Publish ox: £4.32

Some decent earnings from 'publish ox' from reading articles

This Month (June)
Ampleforth5.3359 AMPL ($4.86)
iFarm0.0200584 IFARM ($1.09)

Read.cash £ 7.97 of BCH

The earnings have really dropped off from me on read.cash, maybe I am not delivering time to step it up


Noise.cash £13.00 of BCH

Like Twitter but better, post like you would on Twitter and get a reward for doing so, did much better on noise.cash in June than other months, and all I did was talk nonsense about football

PYNK £17.43

The Pynk prediction game quarter 2 is over and that means time to get all those yummy wisdom points converted into cash. You can either turn it into litecoin or cash to your bank, of course, I went Litecoin.

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