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Free Money : Receipt Apps

Another way I boost my income is through snapping receipts, not going to get hugely rich here but every little helps. All you need to do is to take a picture of your receipt from supermakerts, clothing retailers,  fast food and restuarents, and rack up some points for cash or vouchers. Easy.

1. Shoppix
2. Huyu
3. Snap my Eats
4. Storewards
5. Zipzero


Receipt = 4 or 5p, extra points for quick surveys,

Shoppix – one of my favourite ones, get rewards for receipts from lots more places supermarkets, clothing retailers and fast food and restaurants, also can email your online shopping receipt for further points as well and can earn extra points through their surveys which are more regular as well. As well as that get a scratch card for surveys or receipt uploads which give further chances to win as well.

The math – you get 25 points for each successful receipt upload (5 points extra if done on same day) – and can redeem £5.00 PayPal for 3200 tokens so works out at about 4 p for each receipt with lots more ways of earning points.
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  Receipt = 5p

Good app for receipts get 5 points per receipt from supermarkets only, can redeem at 500 points for a £5.00 voucher – so each receipt is worth 5 p.

Never tend to get any problems with the receipts either. on top of this there are some survey opportunities with HUYU tend to be relatively short, but quite sporadic but help boost up those points

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Snap my Eats

Snap my eats is a bit different – you can take pictures of your receipts for eating out restaurents and fast food, 3 receipts = £1.00, and as well as doing fast food etc, I have also snapped supermarket receipts with some success as well, can earn 5 pound each month for snapping 15 receipts – doable if you're as unhealthy as I am. Redemption at 10 pound amazon voucher or others and received instantly – definitely recommend


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Receipt = 6 pence

Now this is a new one, again only supermarket ones, same premise as the ones above, you snap a receipt get some money, can redeem for amazon or PayPal, low pay-out at £2.00

So 20,000 points = £2 and a receipt is worth 600 points which values each receipt as 6 p

They also have a nice little daily reward for logging in each day to get some extra points

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Zip zero

Zip zero is a bit different, again snap your receipts get money, simples this is bit better though for zip zero receipts you get paid half a penny for each pound spent on the receipt which is nice.

Got paid for supermarkets and fast food places.

But there is a problem they are struggling with investment at the moment, and it was only few months ago were getting a penny a pound now half that, used to be the case could redeem for money off your energy bill, at the moment you are unable to redeem, so it's a gamble to stock up these receipts but if they get their act together money to be made certainly

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