The crypto offers that will (hopefully) turn into some serious free money

 The crypto offers that will (hopefully) turn into some serious free money

For the last year I have always been on the lookout for the best free money offers. I think there are a lot of ways that free money can be made on crypto still with so many new projects out there. Some will surely not transpire to real money some have and will.

Often there are great opportunities out there and by no means would I recommend going in on them all, giving them your details could be dangerous, either if the offer is not legit or if they are vulnerable to attacks. But there are a few different projects at the moment that I am really hoping will turn into some cash.

1) Swissborg free CHSB tokens 250 currently worth £150 + (but need to wait for game to finish before you can withdraw
2) Pynk - Predict prices and earn tokens
3) Earnathon - $20 worth of ENA tokens not currently withdrawable plus $10 per referral - plus many more learn and earn options on the horizon
4) Coinsmart for Europe users - $20 per referral up to $200

1) Swissborg Earn 250 CHSB tokens for free - by playing a game current price is £0.63 per token

The Swissborg app, an excellent prediction game where you can earn chsb tokens for predicting just once a day whether the bitcoin price will go up or down, better that the higher your points when the competition ends you will get a further reward.

Also the more points you get from predicting the price of bitcoin the higher the ranking you go and the bigger share of half a million dollars in bitcoin you could earn when the competition ends.

The prize pool is currently at $188,517, it is capped at 500,000, it goes up by one when a new person joins, so we need to get as many to join as possible

This app really helped me learn about crypto understand the massive price fluctuations, and is really easy to do.

Unlike other projects at the moment Swissborg has real monetary value, it may take a year maybe longer to get these tokens, but once you have got them they will be actually worth something

At the moment one chsb token is worth $0.38

I currently have 600 CHSB tokens simply from predicting the price of bitcoin each day. So although I can't claim it yet, it should be a year after the competition has ended and then I will be able to sell these tokens.

How long until can turn this into money, now that is the question

So they say you need to download the wealth app which is their trading platform and that you will get the chsb tokens 90 days after the competition has ended

When will the competition end? no idea

Then you can sell it? uh no you must hold them for a further 12 months

I suppose this could be a long way down the line, and yes I have my doubts because it all sounds so good to be true

But still, this is free, fun way of learning, a great competition, and potentially a superb way of making some money. Honestly, I would do this for nothing so the chance to earn big is a huge bonus.

If want to sign up to the community app sign up here Use my reference code 2MFQNTI to signup at


PYNK is similar to swissborg, another prediction game you predict the price daily of BITCOIN, USD to GBP, GOLD< Nasdaq and FTSE 100

You get points every day for signing up, the better predictions the more wisdom points you get and the more wisdom points you get at end of each quarter get transferred to points which hopefully the plan is you will be able to withdraw or invest in the future. I have 124 points which are apparently;y estimated to be worth $124 (again sceptical but in the long term who knows)

Their plan is to have an investment platform and by predicting once a week the fees will be free. (This sounds like a great idea as well)

The investing side of things was supposed to happen from January 2021- so we are not far away I am currently on the waiting list. Again who knows if anything will transpire but an interesting idea, and I like the prediction game anyway so we shall see

Check it out and sign up here

3) Earnathon - $20 worth of ENA tokens not currently withdrawable plus $10 per referral - plus many more learn and earn options on the horizon

Earn some ENA tokens (not currently worth anything as the token is not listed yet, but may turn into something who knows. For 2 minutes of work, it has got to be worth a punt.

Just sign up watch the videos (or don't) and answer the quiz questions - answers of which are below


Questions 1: Absence of foreign exchange crisis
Question 2: It's a digital assets that can be transferred across borders without banking facilities
Question 3:Cryptography and currency
Question 4:2008

What is Earnathon?

Well, they don't say too much, they just say their aim is to teach about the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and that right there is what we all want.

I thought the videos were really interesting I learnt a fair bit.

They have only just launched this month and by the looks of it, looks like many more airdrops are on the way.

On the coming soon section they have got:

Binance smart chain

Normally I say if something is too good to be true then it probably is, but coinbase did the same thing and we have made a pretty penny from that one

So looks like there is going to be some great opportunities to earn some crypto from this website, obviously this is not a guarantee, but so far what is there to lose worth a punt I guess

If fancy taking it and learning and earning at the same time, sign up with my link would be greatly appreciated, I will love you forever!!!

Just click here


4) Coinsmart $20 per referral (could earn $200)

Coinsmart is a trading platform from Canada coming to Europe very soon

It is coming to Europe very soon, and for signing up and joining their waiting list you can get $20 (you get this once you confirm your account and verify and refer someone to them) you can get up to $200

At the moment all you need to do is sign up with referral link - and wait

Will need to complete KYC once they open and become verified as will the person you have referred

Sign up here