One of the ways I have boosted my income is through cashback websites.

Very simple and straightforward, and all free to join and use, all you need to do is go to the cashback website first click through to the merchant through that link and make your purchase as you would normally.

Then once the merchant pays the cashback site commission, they will send the money on to you which you can cash out



There are a few different sites to use Quidco and top cashback are the best-known ones but there are a few others I have taken a look at as well. Now before I make any purchase online, I will check the companies I have talked about below to see if I can make some money back, it is a great way to boost my income.

Some can take a while to come through just to avoid any cancellations etc to protect the merchant

There are often other cashback offerings available from other companies as well, whether for cash or vouchers

There are some rules I follow for any cashback purchases I make

  • Always read the terms and conditions there are things that will stop you from getting the cashback.
  • Don't use adblockers, or browsers like brave for your cashback needs, this may stop the tracking of your purchase
  • Only buy what you would buy anyway, cashback is not guaranteed, it is a great way to make some extra money yes, but you shouldn't be relying on it. The cashback site is relying on the merchant, so if there is a problem then no payment. 99.9% of my experience have all been good, but you never know.


But also what we are interested in is those offers that you are guaranteed a healthy profit, there are some offers that are no cost at all but offer a small payment, check out this page for all my free cashback offerings, a great way to earn some extra money without spending

There are lots of great websites and services that can give you some free cashback, check out below for more information on them

They include










Oh my dosh is a great cashback website, there are perhaps not the same quanitity of offers on there as the others, but I have made quite a bit of money on the site.

They have some excellent well pahing offers, a fantastic support system that gets back to you and has resolved a couple of non paying cashback deals as well.

Types of deals

The types of deals on there are mainly free trials, or bing and gambling offers, as well as a fair few other deals on there as well.

They also have some good 'lightning deals' which pay out very quickly.

Also the best thing about oh my dosh is their wealth of ' free cashback' where you can earn some extra money without spending a penny

Check out my guide to earn some free cashback with oh my dosh here - as well as some good 'profitable' deals as well but again remember the cashback rule of only buying what you would anyway, but I have made some money with these profitable deals "spend £5 get £10 cashback"


You can cash out straight to paypal once you earn £10, which with the free offers above is really easy to get to.

Payment was quite quick and easy as well

Sign up here and start off with £1 

Refer your friends like I have just tried to do above and get £5 once they cash out.

May not be your one stop shop for cashback, but it is a fantastic way of making some initial money.


Quid co is one of the two big ones, there are so many sites that you can earn cashback from, before I buy anything I always check quidco out.

They also do a lot of boosted rewards as well which is well worth a look, I often find the bonuses not quite as good as top cashback, but sometimes thye are more.

They have got an excellent sign up offer at the moment, sign up with this link and get £5 free once earnt £5 cashback

Check out the quidco page to find out more and the best free offers


Top cashback would probably be my favourite cashback website, has a whole host of offers and is normally the most highly paying

Look out for their fun hummingbird games as well, when you can have a chance at winning some money for free.

Also can check out their browser extension to make it even easier to get cashback on the things you buy

Great sign up bonus

Sign up with my link and get a £5 bonus when you get £10 cashback that is payable. 

Check out the topcashback page for more information some more free cashback offers


My Money Pocket is another cashback website that offers a very competitive rate compared to the others, well worth signing up to and having i your cashback list to check whenever making good purchases

Check out my full review here


Widilo is another cashback offering, widilo also offers some good exclusive vouchers to save some money, as well as opportunity to earn £5 for signing up

Check out my full review here