20cogs review


20 cogs review: How much money can you make?

20 cogs is a site I have used a while ago and it is a decent one-off way of making some extra money. Free to get started, it is often said you can make over £100 - 200. In this 20 cogs review, I will go through all of the 20cogs offers that I used on my way to some nice profit. As well as my thoughts in general about the site.

How does 20 cogs work?

'20 cogs' works by completing different offers. The offers tend to be paid to sign up offers or free sign up offers. So either a gambling website, free survey site sign-ups, and free trial offers

The vast majority of the offers that are out there are profitable, so you get paid more for the cog than the intiial outlay. This is why this is such a good way of making money.

Works similarly to a cashback website, once you click through your sign up offer will track. Normally takes 24 hours to go pending and then can take 30 days to get paid

How do you redeem and get paid?

This is one problem with 20cogs. In order to get paid, you do need to complete 20 different offers, with the time taken for offers to turn green and payable can be about 30 days. it may well take a couple of months before you can get paid.

Be prepared to spend a bit of money before you get paid but for a small expenditure, you can get a big profit.


Is 20 cogs legit?

20 cogs is definitely legit, many many people have had good payouts, the difficulty is that you need to complete 20 offers to get paid. If you sign up and only do a few or even do 19 you will have to pay out some money but won't get anything in return until you complete the 20th. For that reason the very similar site 'oh my dosh' may be better as the withdrawal is only £10 and you can pick and choose your offers and not need to get all 20 done

The 20 cogs sign up a referral bonus

Another way of earning with 20 cogs is by referring your friends, as well as them getting the opportunity to earn some money. If they sign up with your link you get 5% of their earnings and an additional £20 once they cash out

I appreciate anyone signing up with my own link

Top tips for completing the 20 cogs offers

  • Keep all of the email confirmations for sign ups and any other proof that you need, if it doesn’t turn orange in the set time, send a help ticket, give them all the details and they will change it manually, I probably had to do this 5 times, but was never an issue, and they responded very quickly
  • On the free trials, set reminders, write on your hand, and tell people to remind you but just don’t forget to do the cancellation, you’ll be kicking yourself if you do.
  • Do the research some offers like the Lotto ones were a pain in the arse so may want to avoid some. But particulary for the cancellations well worth googling to see how it is done



My 20 cogs earnings: Profit £66.03

Redeemed: £103.00

Outlay: 36.97

Profit £66.03

Here’s how step by step.

Cog 1: The first one is an easy one, complete the survey get 5 pound takes a couple of minutes, a nice and easy pleasant start.

Profit £5.00

Cog 2:
Was another easy one, Sign up to “lifepoints”, “lifepoints” is one of my favourite survey websites a very good earner. Signing up took probably about 5 minutes, and just need to complete one survey again very easy

Profit: £5.00

Cog 3: Sign up to paid surveys, paid surveys gives you the option of signing up to lots of survey companies by selecting, I selected one then signed up that one when I got the email completed profile job done. Only 50 p but was another cog done

Profit £0.50


Cog 4: Sign up to bingo port, bingo port, is similar to paid surveys in that it is a hub for lots of bingo offers and you get rewards if you sign up through bingo port, to get the money and the cog, simply need to sign up to bingo port, get the points (4,000) and then redeem them, I just redeemed for a prize draw entry to complete the cog
Profit £2.00


Cog 5: “Step 1: Sign up to Opinion Outpost.Step 2: Confirm your registration by email.
Step 3: Complete your Welcome Survey and then go on to complete one more survey. You must stay a member for at least 30 days.” Easy peasy one again

Profit £1.00


Cog 6: Right now we need to pay attention, graze, sign up for their first box pay 2 pound, once receive the box remember to cancel, very easy to do so can do so on the website. Make sure you set a reminder or something otherwise your charged 4.49 after the initial 1.99 box
Cogs money: 4.00, cost 1.99 Profit £2.01


Cog 7: Step 1: Join Voice UK Step 2: Confirm your email address. Step 3: Complete a survey of your choice. Been there done that another quid
Profit: 1.00


Cog 8: Step 1: Click and download the Cleo app., Step 2: Enter your email address.
Step 3: Confirm your email address and log back in to Cleo., Step 4: Enter your bank details and start saving.

Profit 2.00


Cog 9: Step 1: Sign up to LottoGo. Step 2: Choose your numbers and complete your payment of £2.00. with this one the most important thing is to make sure you don’t select the auto renew options otherwise you will be charged weekly then, you have to opt in, but it will encourage you to do so
Cog earnings: 5.00, Cost 2.00 Profit. £3.00


Cog 10: Step 1: Register or log in with Amazon. Step 2: Take the free 30-day trial.
Step 3: (For Amazon offers only) Once you receive your welcome email from Amazon Prime forward it to amazon@20cogs.co.uk. Don't forget to include your 20Cogs email address!. This was a rather easy one, sign up to amazon prime through their link and then with the confirmation email, forward it to the above address, it says you have to stay signed up for the 30 days I just cancelled on the day before the renewal date and that worked, very easy to cancel through amazon website.
Profit: £6.00


Cog 11: Condé Nast (Magazine subscriptions)Step 1: Select your magazine of choice.
Step 2: Complete your £1 payment. Once signed up payments then made through direct debit make sure to cancel

Cog earnings; £3.00, Cost £1.00, Profit: £2.00


Cog 12: Paid surveys again
Step 1: Sign up to PaidSurveys.Step 2: Pick the survey companies you are most interested in.
Step 3: Confirm your email address. Did exactly the same again for this cog ans cog 3, but this time got £1.50 instead of 0.50 strange but true
Profit: £1.50

Cog 13: Hayu Amazon again.

Step 1: Sign up or log into your Prime Video account.Step 2: Take the free 30-day hayu trial.
Step 3: (For Amazon offers only) Once you receive your welcome email from hayu forward it to amazon@20cogs.co.uk. Don't forget to include your 20Cogs email address!

Cancelled on day 29 through amazon easy peasy again
Profit £2.00


Cog 14: Ladbrokes sports
Step 1: Sign up to Ladbrokes Sports. Step 2: Deposit £5 in your account and play through all your funds (including your welcome bonus). One of the best cogs this one, bet the 5 pound got some free bets and made some profit of them but that was luck so haven’t counted here.

But a nice tasty 10 pound profit
Cog earnings: £15.00, Cost £5.00, Profit £10.00

Cog 15: Sun bingo Step 1: Sign up to Sun Bingo.
Step 2: Deposit £10 in your account and play through all your funds (including your welcome bonus). Opportunity to win some more, remember to bingo up all your welcome offers, they got crazy wagering requirements so didn’t win anything, but a little 2 pound profit
Cog earnings: 12.00, Cost: £10.00, Profit £2.00


Cog 16: Readly

Step 1: Sign up to Readly.Step 2: Complete your 99p payment to activate your 1 month trial.

Remember to cancel set a timer and put it on calendar easy to cancel through website
Cog earnings 3.00, cost 0.99 profit £2.01


Cog 17: MGM

Step 1: Sign up or log into your Prime Video account.
Step 2: Take the free 7-day MGM trial.
Step 3: (For Amazon offers only) Once you receive your welcome email from MGM forward it to amazon@20cogs.co.uk. Don't forget to include your 20Cogs email address!

Another amazon one, only 7 day trial, easy 2.00

Profit: £2.00

Cog 18: smol

Step 1: Sign up to smol.Step 2: Confirm your delivery address.
Step 3: Complete your £1 payment (postage fees). Good trial didn’t rate the laundry capsules, but break even with this cog
Cog earnings: £1.00, Cost 1.00 – Break even
Cog 19: Simply cook
Step 1: Sign up to SimplyCook.Step 2: Choose your meals.
Step 3: Complete your order for only £4.99 including delivery.

Cancel once the first box arrives

Cog earnings £6.00, Cost £4.99 Profit £1.01


Cog 20: Experian

Step 1: Sign up to Experian.Step 2: Confirm your email address by clicking the link you'll be sent from Experian.Step 3: Access your free credit score.
Easy sign up offer
Profit. £1.50


Now you can complete more than one offer per cog for extra rewards

William Hill Bingo deposit £10 Confirmed £17.50

- deposit ten pound and use all bonus money Profit 7.50

Ancestry offer sign up for free 14 day trial

Profit 2.00 easy to cancel through the ancestry website

to sign up click here


In summary

Overall 20 cogs is a good way of earning some money, but there are things to be wary about, you will need to complete all 20 and there will be some initial payout. Whether it is as much as the £200+ many reviews say is unclear but it is certainly a profitable venture. More so if you get your friends and family involved


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