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The other day I noticed another cashback website, 'My money pocket' I thought that it was a new one turns out it has been out for a couple of years.

So why have I never heard of it, I can only presume because it is not very good but thought would check it out.

I love cashback websites, they are a great way of earning extra money on the things you buy anyway, and before I check out on anything online I always make sure I check the cashback websites to see how much I can claim back

Top cashback and Quidco are the cream of the crop, as well as oh my dosh which is a firm favourite of mine. But thought I would see how it compares in offerings to the top two options.

The website:

The website looks a bit basic and a bit vague, the about us section appears very small, the blog linked to the site, that you can access from the main page as 7 whole posts the last one being in November 2020.

Their contact us page, although a bit jokey has what you would expect.

The Faqs again quite jovial and jokey, I quite like that to be honest, but again is quite thorough and everything you would expect

It states that payment is payable as soon as cashback is in the account, which sounds promising.

The amount and quality of offers

I have to say they have got a lot of companies listed and a lot available. This is rather encouraging, they are obviously affiliated with a good range of companies, which makes me think much more likely that it is going to be a worthwhile choice.

Only fair to see how they compare with the other sites with their offerings so picking 5 random ones from different categories we have

1) Currys pc world - which on their main page advertised as 20% cashback when you click on it you discover that is on nest devices, then lots of different cashback for specific products but as you can see only 0.8% on all online purchases.

So if your buying one of their selected ones then great deals potentially but if not that 20% has been estimated to less than a percent


Quidco offers - pretty much the exact same deal with the same misleading title

Top cashback - offers pretty much the same slightly more on some of the deals £100 on the tablet £20 on the watch and is at 1% for all other purchases

So top cashback has that one but just about


My money pocket - offers 4% cashback nice straight and simple just cant use any vouchers alongside

Quidco - 1.6% cashback

Topcashback - 4.25% cashback but that is only exclusive for the rest of 6/6/21

So unclear what their normal offering is, Ill likely update this tomorrow, but just about better


3) Sky broadband

My money pocket £104 for their best offering

Quidco small improvement

for Sky TV with Sky Superfast Broadband and Broadband Boost £112 cashback

for Sky TV with Sky Superfast Broadband £100 cashback

for Sky Broadband Superfast with boost attachment £80 cashback

for Sky Superfast Broadband £76 cashback

Topcashback wins again

4) The body shop

My money pocket 8% for new customers 4.8% for existing

Quidco 6.4% for new 4% for existing

Topcashback 8.5% for new 5.1% for existing

Another win for top cashback

5) Viking

My money pocket 8% cashback

Quidco 4% cashback

Topcashback 8.5% cashback

So I think they have showed themselves off quite well against the big guys

Problem? maybe not :

One almighty problem however was the fact that I couldn't search on their site at all they have a search bar but it simply did not work. This appeared to be a problem on chrome as on firefox it worked ok. So I can live with that

Sign up bonus

Um nothing, but you can get £5 for each person you refer, whom then earn £10 cashback

So not as good as the other two.


So obviously the biggest thing about this is whether it actually pays out, so I have tried to make a purchase today and we will see how it goes, but thought I would scour the internet to see how other people got on with it.

Trust pilot has reassured me greatly about this company, there are some good reviews they look genuine, and some bad reviews, as you would expect but they have all been unanswered, some of the negative ones seem completely unwarranted, like one where they had to wait for more than 6 weeks for it to confirm. This is completely normal.

The reviews were current and responses from the company appeared prompt

But overall very encouraged, is it better than topcashback, probably not, will I add it to my list to check for offers absolutely.

The rules of cashback

Reading those very angry reviews whilst sipping my coffee, has remind me about the importance of following some basic rules when buying cashback.

  • Always read the terms and conditions there are things that will stop you getting the cashback, on the sky one for example it mentioned having to change the phone number, they are normally clearly stated
  • Don't use adblockers, or browsers like brave for your cashback needs, this may stop the tracking of your purchase
  • Only buy what you would buy anyway, cashback is not guaranteed, it is a great way to make some extra money yes, but you shouldn't be relying on it. The cashback site is relying on the merchant, so if there is a problem then no payment. 99.9% of my experience have all been good, but you never know.

If you want to sign up - sign up here - in my honest appraisal, you will I think be unlikely to find better deals than topcashback, but for me before any purchase I want to try a few different sites first
I will receive a £5 referral bonus if you choose too and earn £10 cashback

Thank you for taking time to read this always open to suggestions




They have got an excellent sign up offer at the moment, sign up with this link and get £5 free once earnt £5 cashback

Check out the quidco page to find out more and the best free offers


Sign up with my link and get a £5 bonus when you get £10 cashback that is payable.

Check out the topcashback page for more information some more free offers