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Widilo cashback website review: Is it any good?


Well I am in cashback mood this week, and after spotting a nice referral offer I have signed up to another cashback site this one called Widilo

So I hope we all were paying attention about cashback sites.

Well if not let us go through it again, Very simple and straightforward, and all free to join and use, all you need to do is go to the cashback site, click through to the merchant complete your purchase as normal then the cashback site will get paid a commission they will then pass that on to you.

The last time we reviewed my money pocket which turned out to be pretty good value in comparison to the other two and was right up there, was it better ? no, but it was better than quidco and just as good as topcashback.

But do we really need another cashback site, I think sites like widilo and my money pocket need to offer something better than the other two or different to stand out. Otherwise why bother.

So let's see if widilo does.

First impression

To be honest when I first clicked on it, it appeared a bit cheap and tacky, just my personal opinion but I have no sense of style at all.

There is a nice little demo explaining how widilo works which is nice, and it looks like it has got a lot of companies offering cashback as well

They also say they offer voucher codes as well as cashback this is familiar with a lot of cashback companies as well, but may find some better savings on there than others.

Browser extension:

Similar to top cashback you can also have a browser extension installed on to chrome or edge that will instantly give you the best deals whenever you shop

I do have to say I like these they are a very good passive way of saving and making money

How do they measure up:

So with my money pocket we compared 5 of their offers with the other two cashback sites, completely randomly, so let's try and do the same with widilo and see how they measure up. (If one of the ones we tried with my money pocket isn't available then we will use a fresh one)

1) Currys pc world -

My money pocket had a misleading title of 20% cashback and was 0.08%

Quidco offers - pretty much the exact same deal with the same misleading title

Top cashback - offers pretty much the same slightly more on some of the deals £100 on the tablet £20 on the watch and is at 1% for all other purchases

Widilo - 1% cashback so as good as top cashback

So top cashback has that one but just about


My money pocket - offers 4% cashback nice straight and simple just cant use any vouchers alongside

Quidco - 1.6% cashback

Topcashback - 4.25% cashback but that is only exclusive for the rest of 6/6/21

Widilo - 2% so better than quidco but not as good as the other twi

So unclear what their normal offering is, Ill likely update this tomorrow, but just about better


3) Sky broadband

My money pocket £104 for their best offering

Quidco small improvement

for Sky TV with Sky Superfast Broadband and Broadband Boost £112 cashback

for Sky TV with Sky Superfast Broadband £100 cashback

for Sky Broadband Superfast with boost attachment £80 cashback

for Sky Superfast Broadband £76 cashback

Topcashback wins again

Widilo - very poor in comparison

4) The body shop

My money pocket 8% for new customers 4.8% for existing

Quidco 6.4% for new 4% for existing

Topcashback 8.5% for new 5.1% for existing

Widilo - £5 off a £30 spend, so arguably a better deal depending on how much you spend


5) Viking

My money pocket 8% cashback

Quidco 4% cashback

Topcashback 8.5% cashback

Widilo - again not a percentage cashback but a lot of good voucher codes to be honest which was very good

I like the offers on the site they look good, and I think certainly where some are better than others I will definitely be using this whenever I make a purchase online to see if could save any money


Definitely a similar story to others reviews, the majority of them are good solid reviews, and then some bad ones, there are a few complaining of the poor customer service. The delay in getting responses back about cashback

That is kind of always an occupational hazard with cashback sites unfortunately

Sign up bonus

So when I signed up through someones else's link I got £5 worth of points .... yay, however, I need another £10 worth to cash out so booo.

But anyone gets that £5 bonus whether sign up with a referral or not,

You have to have validated some cashback before you get a referral link to share

So I don't have my own yet but you can sign up here and claim that £5 bonus, but remember you must then get enough cashback to claim it back

Redeem your points
So with your points you can either redeem for cold hard cash or an array of vouchers


Let us remember as well at this time the rules of cashback:

  • Always read the terms and conditions there are things that will stop you from getting the cashback.
  • Don't use adblockers, or browsers like brave for your cashback needs, this may stop the tracking of your purchase
  • Only buy what you would buy anyway, cashback is not guaranteed, it is a great way to make some extra money yes, but you shouldn't be relying on it. The cashback site is relying on the merchant, so if there is a problem then no payment. 99.9% of my experience have all been good, but you never know.

They have got an excellent sign up offer at the moment, sign up with this link and get £5 free once earnt £5 cashback

Check out the quidco page to find out more and the best free offers


Sign up with my link and get a £5 bonus when you get £10 cashback that is payable.

Check out the topcashback page for more information some more free offers