Get amazon voucher free with oh my dosh

A step by step guide to get £10 amazon voucher and £1 cash with point voucher and oh my dosh

I have said before and I will say again I love me some profitable cashback. The latest one is through oh my dosh again an old favourite of mine. But this one is even better as you can make a small profit on your cashback and a massive £10 amazon voucher, all for a very small deposit of £2.99 where you will get £4.00 back cashback. You will get the voucher within 7 days and the cashback back with 45-90 days

It is a trial offer, but follow these step by step instructions to earn some money and vouchers.

Step 1: Sign up to oh my dosh (skip this step if already signed up)

If you haven’t already you really need to sign up to oh my dosh, there are loads of great ways to make some extra money through their cashback and sign-ups and you can earn a nice tidy sum without spending a penny. You will also get an extra £1 if sign up with my referral link. (Tell your friends and if they sign up you can earn a fiver when your friend earns a tenner)


Step 2:  Go to the oh my dosh points voucher page

Click the complete to earn green button (make sure no ad blockers are on so that it tracks)- that being said if oh my dosh doesn’t track it they are very good at giving you the points if the click is logged and you submit a ticket

Step 3: Sign up

Sign up for points voucher with email and password, accept the terms and conditions

On the payment page, the promo code ohmydosh50 will have already been applied meaning the 1-month premium membership will already have been applied, enter payment details to pay the £2.99 for the first month

Step 4: Verify email

Verify email, to get an extra 5,000 points, your 150,000 points will automatically be added, and the original 5,000 points for signing up, you will have 160,000 points.

Step 5: Claim your amazon voucher

On the rewards page, you will then be able to claim your £10 voucher which costs 150,000 points, accept the terms and conditions and click claim on the bottom of the page

Your gift card will then be sent to your email within 10 working days got mine within 5

Step 6: - Get your cashback

My cashback became pending within half an hour of the offer, will take about 45 days for it to become payable

If after 24 hours your cashback is not showing as pending submit a ticket, make sure not to have deleted your point voucher sign up email and deposit in case something goes awry

Oh my dosh support is amazing, just show the confirmations dated with your name and email visible done.

Step 7: cancel membership

Just go on to your account and simply click cancel membership to stop the auto-renewal I waited the 5 days until the amazon voucher came just to be safe, but really easy to do

How does point voucher work is it worth it?

With point voucher you earn money from playing online games but to be honest it is not really worth it, unless you enjoy playing games, and then remember the monthly price will increase, so don’t expect to make a continued profit from this company, but as a one off it is fantastic.

Other deals

Cashback is a great little way to earn some extra money online, with topcashback, Quidco and oh my dosh all worth signing up with to earn from the things you would buy anyway as well as on free cashback deals, where there is no outlay whatsoever, or the profitable cashback deals which you will need to pay a small one off fee and deposit but done correctly will get more money back than you spent.

Always follow the rules of cashback, and read the Terms and conditions so you don't fall foul.

I like the big companies as their support always works really well and if ever anything goes on with the tracking it has always been resolved