Daily Competitions

Earn from these free games and competitions

Competitions are a great way of earning some extra money, some people make tonnes of money and prizes doing as many competitions as possible.

What we are focusing on this page are those free daily competitions you can do every day that takes seconds to complete that all can build up over time to make some extra money.

You may not make a lot of money from these, unlikely to win the big bucks but you never know, but these are nice easy ways of topping up the money over time.

I want to try and squeeze in as many daily competitions as possible within a 10 - 15 minute time frame and see how much I can earn.


  • Bookmark the competition pages so that you can easily access the competitions you are going to enter each day
  • Use a different email address that is unless you love a whole lot of spam

Free games from betting companies

Paddy power wonder wheel
This is a nice little competition found recently every day you can log in and spin the 'wonder wheel

Can win lots of different prizes, scratchcards, sports bets, casino bonuses, or cash.

Often it will be a scratchcard that you win you then need to wager and see if you win that.

Takes few seconds each day and could all add up. On the second attempt I won 40p from a scratchcard

Sign up to paddy power here
They also are often offering some free bets if you have wagered in the past that gives you a great chance of making some extra money.

The wonder wheel page is here bookmark it and click through daily to see what you can earn over time

Sky vegas Prize machine

Spin the daily prize machine with sky vegas, no need to deposit, I have accrued a fair few pounds from this over the last few months. Same again can win scratch cards, spins pr cash prizes and all for free worth a look

Check out the prize machine here


William hill Bonus drop


William hill also offer a daily free game, this one is called bonus drop, and similar to the others a quick play can win some free spins or cash prizes. No deposit needed and no wagering requirements

Check out the bonus drop here


Oh my dosh

'Oh my dosh' do a daily chance to win £10 each day one person is selected for the daily prize worth checking out as well to see if your the lucky one, again just takes a few seconds. Check here each day

If you haven't already should really check out our oh my dosh guide, it is a. great way to earn some extra money through free sign-ups and trials

Check out the page here

Free Lotteries

Some other competitions that can be completed every day are the free lotteries, enter these daily for great chances of winning some extra money, chances of some very big prizes and lots of small prizes as well. Definitely worth a look

Pick my postcode

This one has been around for a long time, previously free postcode lottery, but still very much the same.

The premise is simple log in daily and check if your post code has come up, it only takes a few seconds every day.

They have got more than one lottery as well, they have the main draw, the video draw which you can enter by watching a small video, (Just have to press play no need to watch. Enter the survey draw by answering one quick question. Check the stack pot for more chances to win, but need to be the first one to claim it, stackpot is refreshed twice a day at 9am and 9pm. Then the bonus draw, now this one you can only enter if you have earned enough bonus points from completing the other offers like sign up deals or surveys etc.

Great chance to earn some extra money, takes few seconds each day to check

Sign up here

My lucky patch


This was one I got bored of a while ago, just seemed to unlikely to win and was a bit more cumbersome, but another lottery.

This one is a bit different, each day you log in you get extra 'patches' that you claim on the map, the more you log in the more patches you get and the more chance of winning. If your patch were to be selected then however much you earn on your personal bonus (increased by logging in every day) is your prize

So effectively the more you log in each day, the more your chances increase and the more your win will be as well.

I find this one a bit glitchy and annoying hence why I have forgotten about it I think

Sign up here if interested


Free birthdate lottery

Another lottery, this time check each day to see if your birthday is the winning date and if it is you win, the prize is quite small for this one normally about £10 so may consider not worth it to check each day, but same again only takes a couple of seconds and you never know

They have got a couple of other chances of winning but again the prize is just £10, the chance of winning divided by the prize just doesn't seem worth it for me, but if your an extreme comper then go for it.

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