Numbrs prize draw

Last chance to enter Numbrs Prize draw - So far I have won €1080

So I was late the party on this one a little bit, but numbrs prize draw has been a great free way to earn some money for signing up and getting referrals.

But this week they announced that this week would be their last prize draw, with until 23/7/21 for the last draw, if you haven't signed up yet there is still time, but need to get on with it.

So far I have won €1040.00 with 4 weeks of the draw, so I am hoping to squeeze into the last week for my last chance to earn.

My wins

I finally signed up waited eagerly for the results today, really hoping for €10 and blown away that I won €40 very happy now and so glad I finally got around to signing up., the second week, with 5 referrals I won a massive €1,000.00. and then have won a further €40 over the last 2 weeks. Last week for the prize draw

The app in itself I have to say isn't great, I mean it is ok but I wouldn't pay for it. It doesn't offer much, I shall be honest I haven't had much of a proper look, but I cannot think what sort of budgeting app I would pay £10 a month towards

Prize draw

They have been doing this weekly prize draw since November 2020, I am not sure how much longer they can carry on but each week somebody wins €10,000 and many others earn as well.

But each week they do a 'payday' give away where they give away €50,000 to users, from what I have seen for others most people win €10 - 20

  • 1 x €10,000 Prize
  • 1 x €3,000 Prize
  • 1 x €2,000 Prize
  • 1 x €1,000 Prize
  • 3 x €500 Prizes
  • 5 x €200 Prizes
  • 17 x €100 Prizes
  • 20 x €60 Prizes
  • 38 x €40 Prizes
  • Over 300 x €20 Prizes
  • Over 1800 x €10 Prizes

How to enter

Really easy to sign up, just sign up register and link a bank account can be done through the app. Available on the app store or google play

The app is not free but if sign up for an annual subscription you get 2 weeks free (more time to get your friends and family referred) and get more tickets

Cancelling the subscription through apple pay is REALLY easy, incredibly easy to do but for this offer to be worthwhile YOU HAVE TO CANCEL!!! The app is not worth it but there is a great chance of winning some dosh!!

2 choices for a subscription monthly or annual, monthly you get one-week free trial annual 2

Referral link (free entry into draw)


The reason why I did the 2 week sign up was so that I can get as many of my friends and family to sign up to get a chance of more tickets this is a 2 week job for me.

You should do the same the way it is going it is a great chance of you and your friend to earn some extra money it is worth a punt

But please please please CANCEL if you don't want to carry it on, set an alarm, write it on your fridge, it is really easy to cancel so just don't forget

Any questions pop me an email or a message and I am more than happy to help you and talk you through it.

I found it really easy to do, but more than happy to help others to ensure you maximise your chance


Whats next?

So they have obviously made a massive push with the prize draw in getting consumers, for me, it is not worth it for the app alone, they say something exciting is in the works next so we shall see what happens.

But for now, this is still one of the easiest ways to make some money online around at the moment, and the last chance to get on the prize draw .... don't miss it

Email with any questions and I will be happy to answer them or help in any way on these offers or any of the money earners findings