Crypto sign up offers

Crypto sign up offers
Earn Cash and Crypto from signing up for these deals, either cash out for profit or keep invested.

There is a lot of movement in the crypto world with a lot of companies all of which are trying to get your business and are prepared to pay you for you holding or investing with them.

All of these offers you will be able to cash out for profit if you follow my instructions (it is really not that hard), and if your looking to invest then first good on you but second you can boost your income.

As with all the offers on this site, they are ones I have done myself and are proven.

I do not intend any investment advice, more to explain what I am doing but there really is a great way to make some extra money as well.

If you do get stuck at all with any of the offers or want some advice or just fancy a chat. Hit me up on twitter or email I will get back to you anywhen between 4 milliseconds and the average gestational period for a hippo.

$50 of  DFI with CAKE Defi

This offer at the moment is currently boosted until the 8th of august to $50 of DFI cryptocurrency from $30

I signed up for this one back in January and although the verification is a lot (no mo

re than most financial institutions) the bonus is still worth it. Currently still staking all my earned tokens and earning 100%+ APY

  1. Sign up with link / Enter code 919426
  2. Verify Identification
  3. Deposit $50 of crypto I would use Dash or BCH for fees but lots supported - needs to be in one transaction
  4. Get your $50 of DFI and hold it for 6 months while it is earning over 100% APY then after 6 months can transfer out

Sign up here

Read full instructions and review here

Luno £10 free of bitcoin instantly withdrawable

If you are looking to invest and put some money into crypto then look below and you can help us both out, however, if you want to get some free crypto and start off your journey.  Simply download the Luno app and enter the following code and get £10 free worth of bitcoin

Luno is great because they are really try to get people into crypto and doing so by giving people some free crypto


Free £10 code: BPBPERRYMAN10

Luno is another crypto wallet that will give you £10 free of bitcoin for signing up and depositing £100. Can either hold or withdraw to your bank account

1. Sign up with my invite link
2. Deposit and buy GBP 100 in BTC (Luno exchange not included)
3. We both get GBP 10.00 free BTC - code to enter NFQHKZ

Ziglu £10 cash

One of the easiest and cheapest offers there, and can easily be turned back into cash

  1. Sign up with invite link
  2. Download the app
  3. Top up your account with £1
  4. Buy £1 worth of crypto
  5. Get £10 free Normally £5 boosted this week to £10
  6. Can be instantly withdrawn back to your bank

Zumo free 0.04 BSV £3.70 ish

Zumo is a new crypto wallet in the UK.

This time they are giving away £100,000 of Bitcoin SV All new users can get 0.04 Bitcoin SV just by signing up!

Get the 0.04 in BSV (worth £3.77 at the moment) just by downloading the app and verifying your account. No deposit is required.

  1. Download the app

  2. Verify your account
  3. Use referral code: RSYTN

  4. Withdraw / hold

  5. Tell your friends get some more

Be quick as when it is gone it's gone!!!

Did this last year for the free ETH it was superb

Once you've signed up add your own friends get even more rewards too good to be true

I like coinbase, it is probably not the best for trading but it has two things on offer firstly earn crypto through their Learn and earn offers - check them out here


But their sign up offer is not bad either
1. Sign up to coinbase with link

2. Verify details as well, easy and quick to do

3. Can buy with debit / credit card or bank transfer Buy $100 worth (£71.90) at time of writing.

4. Get bonus of $10 worth (£7.19)

5. If sold instantly the fee would not make it massively worthwhile as it is £2.99 to buy and to sell

6. So for quick buy and sell not massively worth it (Could move to coinbase pro then cheaper to sell) - But this is definitely more for people who are making an initial investment and boosting it up

Coinbase is good and easy to use but a lot of fees, definitely look at coinbase pro, but the convenience is the sell for a lot of people

Mode Free £10 in 24 hours

There are two ways to get the free £10, you can either buy £100 worth of bitcoin in the app, or you can transfer 0.01 BTC to the bitcoin jar It was really quick and easy to do to get the bonus. Easily withdrawable as well.

1. Download the mode app using referral link
Sign up here if interested

2. Deposit and buy £100 worth of bitcoin in the app / transfer 0,01 BTC into the bitcoin jar

3. Get £10 free within 24 hours and can then easily withdraw it back if you so choose

Sign up here if interested


Bit panda free €15

Another similar offer this one but with a lower depost.

  1.  Signing up with referral link (important to get the bonus) sign up here,
  2. Once this was done, then just have to deposit 25 euros worth,
  3. Buy 25 euros minimum worth of bitcoin, and your 10 euro bonus will appear almost instantly was less than a minute for me.
  4. For an extra 5 euro complete this quiz



Crypto games

Earn some crypto through playing games
Check out my crypto games page for some games that you can earn different cryptocurrency with