Curious cat

Curious cat

Another survey app. Positives are they have ALOT of surveys loads always there, and instant payout to Paypal for anything more than £1.00, Downside is there are a lot of surveys that are not worth the time, and a lot of screen outs. I am focusing now on the surveys like the ones I've circled before.

Lately, it seems to have got worse and worse and worse and worse, so many piddly tiny pathetic little surveys that are not worth any time what so ever

RARELY there is one or two worth doing but it seems at the moment you have to sift through the utter and complete crap that is the curious cat surveys

BUT you do get to see some cute pictures of cat so hey maybe it is worth it

2020 Earnings:- £195.95

I really don't see me getting anywhere near this, this year unless it improves substantially

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