EverUp June sign up offer

Get £3 with EverUp June sign up offer and a chance to get your rent or mortgage paid for a month

A great free competition with EverUp is if you sign up before 30th June, you will have a chance to win your rent or mortgage being paid for one month. (A total of £1,000) but even if you don't win the big prize you will get a minimum of £3 up to £500. (Prize paid out 14th July). Free money is always good

What is EverUp

EverUp is a mobile bank with a difference, you can keep your money safely stored away, and can be deposited and withdrawn to another bank account like many others. But you get great chances of winning money and prizes just for keeping your money in there. (Or have no money in there and can still earn - but chances may be slimmer)

I have written a bigger review in the past which can be checked out here

The EverUp June sign up offer

The offer is open until the end of June, all you have to do is sign up and open a cash account - you don't need to deposit anything if don't wish to. But it may be worth it. I have deposited and withdrew and both were fairly quick. (Withdrawal took a day)

Sign up here with my referral link to get your chance to win and guaranteed £3

You will also get 500K coins that can be used on the games on EverUp to increase your chance of winning

EverUp Referral offer

everup june offer

If you invite your friends and they sign up you will get £10 as well which will be paid on the 14th of July, as well as both getting a chance to win the big mega prize.

Get extra money with EverUP

I would advise putting £25 into the account which will give you access to the 'manchester scratch card' with this you will then be able to spend 100K app coins to have a go at the scratch card and that is where the money is at.

You will get 2 free daily spins and 1 free scratchcard a day to get a chance to boost your coin total as well as tickets for weekly draws.

My view on EverUp

Well, it won't get you rich and yes the chances of winning the big bucks are slim. But for keeping £25 in there I get chances every day to earn a few extra pennies and at the moment I have far exceeded what I would earn from an interest in any other bank. So maybe will put a bit more in when I can.

The games are fun and enjoyable, but I don't imagine them to stay around like this for long so will expect them to dip a little bit.

So if interested in signing up would appreciate using my link

Referral code: RJON2501846PNOVX

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