Free cryptocurrency offers and methods to earn some extra money online

Cryptocurrency is something I got into in 2020, mainly looking for the free cryptocurrency offers that were available, which led me down a rabbit hole. (Ah if only earlier)

That all being said there are still so many great ways to earn from cryptocurrency on the internet and on your phone. Either by earning money or earning cryptocurrency.

This page is dedicated to all the best ways to earn online, and there are a lot.

- Sign up offers and referrals
- Learn and earn
- Staking

Stay safe

There are a lot of great ways to make some extra money with cryptocurrency online. So many ways that it is finding what works for you. It could be earning a small amount of crypto that you hope will be worth more in the future. Earning the latest project for free, earning and turning straight back into cash, free money for simple sign-up offers, staking your crypto to earn great interest on your crypto. So many options, so let's take a closer look at the earning opportunities and what I have and am still using at present.

Sign up offers and referrals for free cryptocurrency

With the vast number of cryptocurrency sites and apps, they are all vying for your attention, and want you to use their app or website. So they offer incentives, incentives often in the form of free money for signing up and using their service.

You can make some great free crypto currency with these profitable offers. Deposit some money, buy some crypto, sell the crypto and withdraw and you have made a nice profit. 'Mode' is an excellent offer where you can get £10 for some quick work, depositing £100 and getting £10 free within 24 hours. Luno is even better where you can get £10 for absolutely free.


Or if you are investing, then by these free offers you can get some free crypto to top up your investment.

There are so many of these offers around. I have a separate page of all the ones that I have tried and tested myself with step by step instructions, which you can find here

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Learn and earn to get free crypto currency

This is one of the best ways to earn some money/cryptocurrency for free and one of my personal favourites. Effectively the learn and earn opportunities are where you get paid for learning about new cryptos. Often for just watching some videos and completing some quizzes.

Coinbase is well known for this and always has good learn and earn opportunities. Coinmarketcap is another one where you have the chance to get some free crypto by learning about them. The process for 'Coinmarketcap' is more laborious and normally now only offers a 'chance' to get some free crypto.

Others that I have used are 'Cake defi', and 'Earnathon', however 'Earnathon' token is not yet live so we will see if that amounts to anything. But they promise many other opportunities but unfortunately I am too slow for the others it appears.

I was quite fortunate with Earnathon so I got in there quite early and got some good referrals, so am sitting on a lot of this currently worthless token, but I like what they are doing and what they have planned. Plus it is still a great way to learn about cryptocurrency and other new projects. I just need to check it more regularly to ensure I do not miss the boat on the courses.

Ethernity chain Coinbase answers learn and earn. Get $3 free

Ethernity chain coinbase answers

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Passive income with staking to top up with free cryptocurrency

Staking is another good way of earning some free cryptocurrency. If you already have some and are not willing to sell. If you are going to sit on it you had may as well earn some money from it.

This is done by putting your staking into a staking pool, and then the blockchain uses this to validate transactions. (A very basic iteration, because that is all that I can understand). Then basically because you have provided to the blockchain to help it you will then get rewarded for doing so. Hence the free money.

I like this has it is kind of passive. Ethereum can be staked through 'coinbase', and whether you believe it should or shouldn't be in your own wallet. This makes it very easy to make some extra money with your crypto. Often with a really good return on your investment. At the moment, the only crypto I am really staking is a bit of ETH in Coinbase.

I'm hoping proof of stake will solve many of the problems with ETH (Gas fees) and that this will then make it much more viable. Secondly, I stake DFI on 'cake defi'. Which has at times had a very tasty 100%+ return on the staking, so has helped me boost my rewards really well, but I am at the mercy of the price and wherewith staking you have to lock in your crypto for a certain amount of time, you are not able to take it out whenever you wish, something you should be mindful of, but this is no different to other financial providers in FIAT with ISA's where your rewards will take a hit if you sell early and are equally s reliant on the market with the price of stocks and shares although not as volatile as crypto still a risk.

Earn crypto with social sites.

Another growing field in the crypto world is the growth of decentralised social sites. Like their own version of Twitter or Facebook, or medium. You can earn crypto by partaking on these sites. Through posting, reading, writing articles voting on articles, all sorts.

There are some that I use regularly, Leo finance, publish ox, and has all made me small amounts of money.

There are others that I haven't ventured too much onto, 'torum', 'deso'. But if you find a good community you could be earning for doing the same thing you would be doing on Twitter or Facebook (without the ads)

Free cryptocurrency with 'Airdrops'

Airdrops are another great way of earning some cryptocurrency, but again must be careful with some of these and follow the basic rules of crypto to remain safe.

An airdrop is where normally a new cryptocurrency will drop coins into wallets of certain people meeting certain criteria. Normally holders of other coins or early people in different projects. Think of it as a reward, to get in on a new coin straight from the off. A lot of airdrops I would probably say is not worth your time and can request the need for shilling the coin to all and sundry on the internet.

There are some however that are a lot easier than this, and can also turn into some decent money. I like 'airdropbob' website which shows all the best airdrops and has a good explanation of what is required, I would still advise doing your own research outside of this site.

Some of the best airdrops are often rewards for people involved in a project, there is normally any way of knowing when these will happen. It is normally done after a snapshot of all wallets is taking on a particular day then later such wallets are rewarded. The Ampleforth was my best experience of airdrop where I got £4,000 worth of crypto that I could redeem and sell, read more about my lucky time with Forth here.

There have been many others such as 'uniswap'. Which was worth a lot of money to people who had already partaken in the platform in some guise.


So many ways to earn free cryptocurrency

There are so many great ways to earn some money in this ever-changing world but be careful, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. Always do your own research, never share your private keys with anyone.

Stay safe and remember we are likely still very early in this world. It is not too late to jump on the train.

Any questions I am more than happy to try and answer (whether I know the answer or not very different manner)

Thanks for reading and keep earning that money



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