Cake defi referral code $30 free

Get $30 free crypto with my cake defi referral code


The cake defi referral code has been one of the best ones out there for a while, if you haven't signed up yet then it is definitely worth a go. You can get $30 worth of free DFI absolutely free. You do need to deposit $50 worth of crypto but you will be able to withdraw this straight back if you so choose.

Along with Luno, this has to be one of the best cryptocurrency sign up offers around at the moment. Both are now very established.

luno sign up offer

I think DFI has huge potential which is why I am holding it all. (Not investment advice)

Sign up here

Enter. code 919426 to get the referral bonus

cake defi referral offer

The cake defi referral code for free DFI

So for signing up and depositing you get $30 free DFI

Step by step let's go through it

1) First of all you just need to sign up to Cake DFI with an email address and password - You will get $20 for signing up without a referral link or an extra $10 of DFI for signing up with my referral link. - Sign up here

cake defi referral code: 919426

Some people have commented that the KYC (Know your customer) for cake is a bit obtrusive and asks a lot. Personally, I think it is the same as opening a bank account, I need to give them more than just my email address and a funky password as some 2-factor authentication. For it to be well managed and secure I think these are needed -

That being said I wouldn't dive in and send just anyone willy nilly some personal details of myself. Due to all manner of reasons - But the ones I trust have at it. Nobody wants my identity any way I am an arse.

2) So yeh you will need to then complete the KYC - for this, you will need

Your full name, country of residence, mobile number, national ID or passport and proof of address

The following are the acceptable type of residence proof:

  • Phone or internet bill
  • Bank statement or bank letter
  • Electricity, gas, water, or other utility bills
  • Government-issued documents such as; tax declaration/filing, voter's registration, property tax, newly issued driver's license, etc.
  • For the UK you will need a passport as a driving license is not included, which is unfortunate as there have been a few people I have known that as a consequence haven't been able to sign up


3) Then the deposit:

Then you just need to deposit $50 worth of crypto in the cake address


Also, deposit a little bit more than $50 someone I know lost their chance of a referral as they deposited bang on $50 and then the transaction fee/price fluctuation saw them dip under.

I Used dash as it was recommended by someone as being fast and cheap at the time, and I am pretty sure that at the time they didn't accept BCH Bitcoin cash- I would use something with low network fees like dash or BCH.

But you can transfer any of the following into Cake defi -
Bitcoin: No Deposit Fee
DeFiChain: No Deposit Fee
Dash: No Deposit Fee
Litecoin: No Deposit Fee
Dogecoin: No Deposit Fee
Bitcoin Cash: No Deposit Fee

The best thing about this was that as opposed to other money offers in the crypto world you would have to buy some from the platform, with cake Defi you have some crypto transfer it over. Then if you don't want to keep it in there you can withdraw it straight away and just keep the free DFI.

Now with the deposit remember, to check your wallet addresses, properly, make sure you are sending the right coin to the right wallet address, this is pretty straightforward. But it is always worth remembering. When depositing just find the coin you are using and click deposit and that is your deposit address that on your other account whatever that may be that you will send it to


4) And that is step 4: $30 of DFI
It should arrive quite quickly into your account. Remember your DFI is locked in for 6 months staking away and then you will either be able to extend or withdraw.

Job done easy peasy

Again if interested sign up here.

5) Then if you want you can refer your own cake defi referral code with your friends and get $10 free DFI for each one that signs up. It is important to follow all the steps properly to ensure minimising the transaction fees, remember dash.

So what is DFI

"DeFi Blockchain is a decentralized blockchain platform specifically dedicated to enable fast, intelligent, and transparent decentralized financial services, accessible by everyone, everywhere.

Running on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, it features proven security and immutability by anchoring its most recent Merkle root to the Bitcoin blockchain every few minutes. The platform also features unparalleled high transaction throughput for all transactions, and reliable decentralized governance, on and off-chain."

Still, relatively new coins were only issued in May 2020.

The cake Defi price

cake defi price
The coin has been out since May 2020. The DFI price reached its all-time high in December 2021 at £4.24
There was a big dip to less than £2 in January (As with all cryptos) But a steep recovery sees the price currently at £3.46 at beginning of April 2022. I am confident that this will continue to rise but only time will tell.
This is an excellent way to try out DFI for free stake some for 6 months and in my mind is one of the best free 'money' offers around at the moment.
For more offers check out the cryptocurrency offers page


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