Coinbase is an online trading/investment platform where you can buy a whole variety of crypto currencies really easily and can hold it in their wallets if you want

But that's not where the easy money is, Coin base has got this superb page where you can watch some videos answer some questions and get some free cryptocurrency.

If you sign up with this link and buy $100 worth of crypto we will each get $10 worth of crypto for free.

Then there is the best part of the offer you can earn crypto just by watching some videos and answering some questions (don't worry you get it wrong just answer again)

Right now, you can get the following: (Note not all accounts get the same new accounts may need to get in on the waiting list)

$6 worth of "celo" for watching three videos and answer corresponding questions
$10 of stellar lumens for watching videos
$9 of compound
$3 of Graph
$3 of Nucypher
$3 of Ampleforth

To hold or to turn into cash

Now this is up to you and depends what you want to do if, getting into crypto for the first time you may want to keep it or add to your investments.

Or you may want to turn this all into money, that is quite easy to do and the best way to do it with minimal fees is the following.

Coinbase charges no fees to transfer into another coin, so what you want to do is click on the coin click on trade to another crypto and trade all your coins into one coin. Then withdraw, there will be a £2.99 fee to sell and turn into cash but atleast this way you will only pay it once. Can then withdraw it to paypal or your bank for free.

Easy money

For other earning opportunities check out Earnathon to get in early on the new ENA token and get $20 worth for answering some simple questions and videos