Crypto Games

Earn crypto by playing games

There is a wide variety of ways to earn some cryptocurrency one of the best ways and most fun is through playing games.

Here is a list of some of the best games that can be played and can earn you some free crypto or NFTs


Earn 10 Pandaks (10 cents a day with doctor who worlds apart game for logging in

Earn up to 600 CHSB predicting the price of bitcoin with swissborg



Doctor who: worlds apart game

A new NFT based card game in the same ilk of hearthstone and magic the gathering, but with all your favourite time lords and aliens

Not released yet, but in the meantime...
Log in every day and get 10 'pandaks' or 10 cents, after 50 days you'll be able to claim your own free pack.

The full game is due to be released in Q4 of 2021
Sign up now and get a leg up on the opposition.
Read below for more information

So last month I signed up to the 'doctor who worlds apart' game, I am not really one for playing games online. But I am a bit of a doctor who fan (a little bit), and I like new shiny things.

So I was intrigued by the doctor who game, it seemed like a good concept in a ever-growing NFT world.

The best thing about this is that you can earn some tokens for logging in every day so should be able to get a couple of packs by the time the game is up without spending a penny.

Just simply log in every day and get 10 'pandaks', worth ten cents in 50 days you will have enough for their basic back.

Doctor who

I am sure most of you have heard about doctor who, the British cult tv show about a 'time lord' who travels through time and space, with particularly stunning 'assistants'

Currently, the Doctor being the amazingly talented Jodie Whittaker

Starting in the 70's it is a particularly popular show all around the world, with famously recurring naughty alien characters.

Anything Doctor who is always going to do well because of this cult following

The game

The first standout good point is that this game is supported by the BBC, the British broadcasting corporation, this gives the project 100% legitimacy and makes me personally very confident in the long term growth of this game.

The game itself looks similar to hearthstone or magic the gathering, with a cool twist, I suppose the biggest sell is going to be how the game actually functions which at the moment we just don't know, that is going to have a big impact on the popularity of the game.

There is a very small video here which shows the type of gameplay.

There is a lot to the game with 8 different character types

Creature and companion - can give damage from old friend and foe

Upgrades which can be equipped for creatures and companions

Moment which can turn the tide of a bottle in a single moment

Flash which can be played on opponents turn in a response to one of their actions

Objects which have lots of uses

Phenomenon Phenomenons are similar to Objects, but they usually have a more unique ability and a bigger impact.

Planet: A Planet card, when played, will switch out the board you're playing on! They also have great synergy with specific deck types.


The more the cards are played in battle they level up as well, I really like this feature making your card very individual a good reason to hold it.

The gameplay looks complex, but there is a lot to it my initial reaction is they have thought this through a lot.

Travel Through Space & Time:

☉ Future: Your deck is your future, you have options in front of you and decisions to make. Choose wisely!

☉ Present: The game-board is the 'present' where your choices become consequences as the gameplay unfolds.

☉ Past: Played cards move into the past.

☉ Tardis: Your hand is represented with a TARDIS


Intense Player VS Player Battles

☉ Reduce the shields of your opponent's TARDIS to zero, while protecting your own.☉ Each battle lasts 10-30 minutes: outsmart, and out-manoeuvre your way to victory.☉ Don't blink! Or you'll miss the perfect opportunity to counter enemy moves.



☉ Play as a young, unknown Time Lord on a journey to make a name for yourself.☉ Equipped with your TARDIS, you wibble and wobble through time and space, battling anyone who stands in your way.☉ Travel from planet to planet in order to tip the table in your favour!

Build a Deck

☉ Build a deck of 40 cards using just the right mix of companions, creatures, objects and more from all corners of the universe.☉ Find strength in the present, the past, or the future... but don't go too far, because even though all stories must end, no one wants to see their own tomb

I think all this will mean a game people will keep coming back to and playing lots of, and encouraged to grow and improve their deck.

Meaning the cards could become quite sought after and valuable.

The cards


The Cards are all NFTs
All cards are Non fungible tokens - "All cards are unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each card's history & gameplay are permanently stored on the blockchain."

The cards currently can be bought in packs, but looks like in time these will then only be available on the marketplace, to be bought separately, this gives a great opportunity for early adopters, if and it is always an if, the game takes off then the cards you have now could be very valuable in the future. (Again could be it is all speculation)

The cards are already available on the marketplace and likely will go up as they become more and more rare. Only time will tell and will difficult to be able to tell which ones will rise, may have better luck if played these types of games in the past

When will it release?

It looks like the beta game will come out in Q4 2021, so plenty of time to get some pandaks, to get those cards.

My pack

Well I wanted to see how it all worked and I just talked myself into buying a pack anyway so now I can talk about that as well, I just got the cheapest one the 5 dollar core pack, you can pay in a variety of ways I paid through PayPal

The pack was ready instantly and the graphics to open them were pretty cool

Overall I think this looks like a great game I will likely play it but I am not one to burn loads of money into it, so for the time being I will collect my pandaks and see what that gets me. It would be easy to spend a lot of money on here, and although I see potential there is no guarantee this is going to be serious money in the future, but I would not be surprised if it wasn't.

So who have I got then;

Skimmer which will give a creature flight

Read the veritas - destroy all creatures - this sounds handy

Dna bomb implant - Give a creature at start of turn - destroy the creature

A sonic screwdriver

The thirteenth doctor - sweet

As always by getting in early and doing 5 seconds of work a day you could be well ahead of the competition

If you want to sign up, sign up here and either get your first packs or save up those pandaks.


The swissborg app, an excellent prediction game where you can earn chsb tokens for predicting just once a day whether the bitcoin price will go up or down, better than that the higher your points when the competition ends you will get a further reward.

Also the more points you get from predicting the price of bitcoin the higher the ranking you go and the bigger share of half a million dollars in bitcoin you could earn when the competition ends.

The prize pool is currently at $188,517, it is capped at 500,000, it goes up by one when a new person joins, so we need to get as many to join as possible

This app really helped me learn about crypto understand the massive price fluctuations, and is really easy to do.

Unlike other projects at the moment swissborg has real monetary value, it may take a year maybe longer to get these tokens, but once you have got them they will be actually worth something

At the moment one chsb token is worth $0.38

I currently have 600 CHSB tokens simply from predicting the price of bitcoin each day. So although I can't claim it yet, it should be a year after the competition has ended and then I will be able to sell these tokens.

How long until can turn this into money, now that is the question

So they say you need to download the wealth app which is their trading platform and that you will get the chsb tokens 90 days after the competition has ended

When will the competition end? no idea

Then you can sell it? uh no you must hold them for a further 12 months

I suppose this could be a long way down the line, and yes I have my doubts because it all sounds so good to be true

But still, this is free, fun way of learning a great competition, and potentially a superb way of making some money. Honestly, I would do this for nothing so the chance to earn big is a huge bonus.

This could be one of those wish I was involved moments

If want to sign up to the community app sign up here Use my reference code 2MFQNTI to signup at