Earn crypto with social sites

Earn some cryptocurrency online from blogging on crypto platforms

Since starting my website I have been posting my reviews and writings of sites and offers that I have been utilising to boost my income and earn extra money online. I have been posting on Twitter and on Reddit, where I have posted a lot of my offers and found some great ones as well.

But I have always been posting on 3 rather different platforms, these 3 websites are all cryptocurrency-based ones, and simply by posting the same articles in different places I have been able to earn, a small amount from my blogging. As well as gaining some new followers from all over the world.

Predominantly the sites feature articles with crypto-related articles and stories but that is not to say that you cannot earn some from writing other articles on there, some of the best articles I have read and the ones that have earned the most money are articles that are about a wide variety of subjects.

Publish ox

Publish ox is one of the sites that I have been using for a while. I started on there reading the various articles, they were always really interesting articles, normally crypto-related, but also lots of other ones on there as well

Get paid for reading

You can read as many articles a day you want, but you also get 6 opportunities to earn some crypto on there, at the bottom of each article, there is the opportunity to tip a tiny amount of crypto (pennies worth) to the writer.

But you get to decide how much, the 100% tip can be split with you either giving yourself a minimum of 20% or a maximum of 80% of the tip.

So you can use this site as a nice little crypto faucet.

 Ampleforth and Farm

The two cryptocurrencies you get paid are Ampleforth and Farm, which you can withdraw to your wallet, you can withdraw this at $5.00 worth of Ampleforth (0.50 if use kucoin) and $2.00 of Farm (kucoin not supported)

It was thanks to Ampleforth that I got my big windfall this year of £4,000 worth of cryptocurrency via Ampleforth airdrop with the Forth token. So I am naturally loyal to publish ox - You can read about my unbridled joy and ecstasy here

Post your own blog and get paid

Now I am not a hugely proficient blogger, I have a lot of work to improve and haven’t been as productive as I would have liked, but I have tried to post my articles on Publishox as well. It is really easy to do, click on write article, and copy and paste or type your blog into the space. You can add images and lots of other features through their editor. It is very quick and easy to do.

Also, a great opportunity to reach some new followers and post to your other content as well, when starting out I gained good traffic from this site, as well as have followers within the platform as well, which has improved the views my posts get now.

 The earnings:

The earnings are not going to blow you away, to be honest, but you have already done the work, this is just another place to post your work.

In my last post, I had 150 views after a couple of days and $0.12 earned, so not lots.

But still a fun little place a great community and a really good place to learn and grow.

The earnings are not representative as the currencies they use for payment have changed, but not a massive earner as my earnings report will show

I would not be put off that it is predominantly a crypto space there are lots of different categories that earn little bits here and there, and fundamentally in time your writing will pull through.


Read.cash is another massive blogging opportunity and the one that I have earned the most on…. It has slowed, but there are still opportunities.

Read.cash is a publishing/blogging platform encouraging writers to write about a variety of subjects supported by the people behind bitcoin cash, who have chipped in masses of bitcoin cash to support the writers and grown this platform into something really encouraging, and bring the usability of bitcoin cash to the masses.

Read.cash allows you to earn bitcoin cash through blogging (either through the mysterious robotic random rewarder) that offers you bitcoin cash for your articles normally dependant on the number of upvotes and views that you are getting, but also the opportunity to earn by being tipped from other users.

Some have earned $1,000.00 posting about how glorious bitcoin cash is, my earnings are nowhere near but for the good writers there is huge potential out there, but similar to publish ox there are so many great articles to read and find them really interesting

 Can I only blog about crypto?

But again it doesn’t have to be about bitcoin cash, you can post about anything, and I am pleased to say that I have gained some followers and friends from read.cash that without the site, I would not have reached. I have been on read.cash since the beginning of it which kind of coincided with the transformation of myself from mere man to 'themoneyearner'


So like I said you can earn from the random rewarder or other users through bitcoin cash

Side note: it really does go to show the amazing utility of bitcoin cash, I have tipped users a few pennies with the transaction being instant and the fees minimal (to say the least), there is great potential here – but yes anyway off of my soapbox.

Anyway the payment so if you get rewarded (most writers will if you put the effort in) you will get the money into your on-site wallet

 Crypto wallet?

If this is your first experience of crypto wallets then when you sign up you will need to note down the 12-word seed phrase for your wallet and keep it secure, you will still have instant access to this wallet on that browser and device, but if you use another device or browser you will need to either open a new wallet or merge it.

Any tips are then subsequently kept in the micro wallet and you can withdraw whenever you so choose

If you wanted to turn this into cash straight away I would recommend keeping it in Coinbase pro (make sure you send it to the correct wallet address and then you can turn it into cash

If your looking to hold your bitcoin cash (go you!) then I would open a different wallet I use trust wallet (remember the seed phrase rule BACK IT UP)

My earnings:

My earnings have slowed as my blogging has slowed the last couple of months but also the site seems to have slowed down as well with earnings, but there is still a great opportunity for bloggers to gain followers, traffic to your site and extra earnings

This year I have earned £111.03 I have held my bitcoin cash so not 100% what that is worth now but is at least representative of how much cash I would have if I traded it all in straight away.


Leo finance is another blogging platform that I have used, a side note of the hive blockchain and hive platform, but with Leo finance it is all about money and crypto and finance and well all the stuff that I like to write about, other blogs be more welcome on hive and can earn as well.

The editor wasn't quite as easy to write on to and edit I found, but this has improved the last couple of months.

For this one, you are always rewarded depending on other members of the community voting on your post, and gaining rewards based on these votes.

This is great for the community as it encourages people to write good quality content that others will enjoy.

"LeoFinance is an online community centred around the topics of finance and crypto. Users can create blog posts or even upload videos to our platform, which offers a few unique features over other similar platforms (like Seeking Alpha, for example):

  • Content Immutability — content is stored on a decentralized blockchain, which means that it cannot be taken down nor censored, unlike traditional social media platforms like Facebook
  • Tokenized Engagement — users earn LEO tokens for uploading posts, curating content and commenting on other posts
  • Community Ownership — when users earn LEO, they are able to stake their tokens. The more LEO stake that a user has, the more power they have on the platform"

The rewards are again kept on your sites wallet, and can be transferred to their exchange and transferred to cash (this is not something I have done yet

My earnings:

My earnings again have been quite good since I have been on it this year, although not yet turn to money, the token looks strong with great potential and it is literally no extra work, we shall see how it takes off.

All of these are really cool and fun projects, I have learnt so much from them and spoke to some really cool people, always looking at ways to earn crypto and not just money these are fantastic opportunities, and who knows where the price of any of these coins that you can earn here will be in the future.

We could not talk about read.cash without talking about their partner platform noise.cash (the twitter of crypto), here you can post shorter writings of your ilk. Anything from "I am eating a waffle" to something more substantial and meaningful.

With noise.cash you get more rewards the more you participate and in a similar vein to publish ox you get free tips rewarded to you, based on how much your engaging, and can tip others, you can subscribe or follow particular communities. Post some stuff and if people like it they can either tip you their coin they've got for free or their own.

I've got a fair few $ of bitcoin cash sent directly to my wallet in the last month.

It's growing and developing all the time, and I absolutely love it.

The developers have done a great job of cleaning up, when it first started, it wasn't long before you just had people begging for tips or showing off their bodies in the hope of some BCH, they've done a great job at limiting that and keeping it a wholesome edi=ucational and fun place to interact.

Simply put I love them all and not a day goes by without checking on these websites right now.