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Earn Presearch token for free

A great way to earn free crypto is just for searching the internet, through Presearch, you can get daily Presearch tokens between 2 and 3 tokens daily. As well as 25 Presearch tokens for signing up.

What is Presearch coin?

Presearch is a decentralized search engine, we all know if you use google or bing or any of the others they are making money out of your searches and using your data.

With Presearch this has been flipped and you instead can earn Presearch by just searching on their platform.

You can search through different platforms so can search through google or duck duck go, or their own search engine.

You can also add the search engine as a chrome or firefox plug in to make sure you maximise your searches

How to earn Presearch rewards for free ?

Incredibly easy to start earning with Presearch, sign up and then go on to the Presearch search page, enter a search and job done, there is no need to click on any links. Sometimes if you search too quickly or too similarly then you won't get the search rewards for that one.

But just try again and you will, you can see your live balance in the top right corner.

I have also found that I need to search go back to the page as shown in the picture below then make another search

The supply does keep reducing there was a time where you could earn 8 Tokens a day, now it is at 2.4, with 30 rewardable searches each day with each valid search being worth 0.08.

This is however dynamic and dependent on a variety of factors so this may change, and you may see the amount you can claim go up or down. Read more about this here

But that is only natural as the price does keep going up as well sitting currently at £0.16 a search. At the beginning of 2021 this price was £0.01 and in October 2021 reach a high of £0.32. Check out current price here

Probably takes a couple of minutes a day, I would say that it is worth it for the price of the coin at the moment and then to think what the price could be in the future who knows.

Referral program to get more presearch rewards

If you share your referral link and get others to sign up you can also earn further tokens, you can get 25 tokens if somebody earns 50 tokens and has been active for 30 days

Can you withdraw presearch coin?

This is the problem with Presearch at the moment, you can withdraw once you get to 1000 tokens which is going to take a long old slog.

But this is soon to be changing, so by the time you have been using for a while and racked up them tokens, withdrawal should not be a problem


Great easy crypto at the moment, couple of minutes each day to earn about 40 pence worth of crypto, which will all add up. Plus if Presearch pumps again your free crypto will be worth even more in time.

I took a break from doing presearch every day as it just slipped off my to do list. Got over 500 tokens however from just searching the web, but it could have been so much more. I perked up when it pumped. We will see where the price is in a few years however.

If interested sign up here (Affiliate link)

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