Earnathon update Earn some free ENA tokens they say to be worth $20

A couple of months ago I posted about Earnathon, and their scheme to spread the news about cryptocurrency, educate the masses and in return give some tokens to people.

Similar to the Coinbase Learn and earn schemes.

So far there are only 4 lessons on the site, but the plan looks like there is the opportunity for much more.

First of all signup -

Just watch the videos and answer the questions after each one to earn some ENA tokens.

I found the videos really interesting there was 4 different subjects

1) lesson 1 understanding the evolution of money

2) What is cryptocurrency

3) What is blockchain?

4) What is bitcoin?

Unlike Coinbase however you get one chance of getting the answer correct, now I am sure you will get the right answer but just in case not here they are.


Questions 1: Absence of foreign exchange crisis
Question 2: It's a digital assets that can be transferred across borders without banking facilities
Question 3:Cryptography and currency
Question 4:2008

Sign up here and do the quiz to bagsy your ENA tokens

There is now another opportunity this one basically involves signing up to their social media platforms and have more chance of winning some more Earnathon tokens, looks like this finishes on the 31st April 2021

But there is also now a bit more information out there as well on these mysterious ENA tokens

So it appears that the vision behind this is to spread the news of cryptocurrency far and wide as some of their recent tweets have pointed out.

The ENA token

So it is designed to be a community reward system to earn for learning about the different project it appears - to earn more ENA by learning and participating to support the growth of the platform.

There also appears plans to be able to stake ENA to earn more growth

Yield Farming The ENA token can be farmed across multiple platforms to earn amazing yields.

Runs on the finance blockchain there will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 ENA

I have no idea where the value of $20 comes from at the moment, so it can only be a projected hopeful statement

But I remember thinking the same of CHSB which now has serious monetary value, now if I could just get it out of the community app, I would have 600 of them to sell.

Their distribution is predominantly through rewards

  • 5% - Product Development.
  • 20% - Team Allocation
  • 10% - Marketing/Promotion
  • 65% - Reward

What next?

Their roadmap shows a clear indication of where they want to get to and highlights how soon they are in their journey

From their latest letter to the community: it would appear that withdrawals are hoping to be soon, but when is soon, there will be the need to verify it appears before withdrawal, logical as people will have likely made multiple accounts, but we will see what KYC brings and how still feel about it.

More courses were due to be in march but that was put back so it would seem likely that this will also be quite soon but again I guess we shall see.

Good intentions but will it ever turn into something?

Ultimately we don't know whether this will ever turn into real money, in the crypto world we live in can never expect, but looking at the site and the progress I like it, at the moment as well my thinking is what have I got to lose, I haven't given them any personal details other than my email and I have spent about few minutes learning about crypto, which actually helped me a lot and answering some questions so really can't complain, but yeh hopefully so, it is one of those that I don't think you want to miss out on, so get in there while you can and keep a lookout for more opportunities to earn

Personally, I'm intrigued and excited about this project, for 2 reasons I like money and I like learning so let's see what happens

Sign up here


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