Faucet box

Faucet box, can you still make decent money from crypto faucets?

Crypto faucets have been around for as long as crypto has to think there was a time when you could claim 5 bitcoins from a faucet. Obviously at the time bitcoin was unheard of was worth next to nothing. Nobody had any idea that it would turn into what it has, but even recently faucets have been a good way of getting some free cryptocurrency, that can be worth a small amount of money.

Faucet box is one of the only faucets that I am still using at the moment, with faucet box you can claim 9 different cryptos at varying amounts, but is it worth it?

What is a faucet?

So when you think faucet, think a dripping tap, leaking small tiny amounts of water, now picture that instead of water that tap is dripping tiny magic internet money.

Normally all you have to do for these faucets is complete a small simple task normally just a captcha.

The faucets of now are much less generous than they used to be think freebitco.in, probably the most popular bitcoin faucet at the moment, now once an hour you can claim 1 ... satoshi, 100 million of which satoshis will equal one bitcoin. So the cash value of that 1 satoshi is $0.0006206.

So the big question is now can you earn anything decent from faucets, and the one I am drawn to is Faucet Box?

Faucet box

Faucet box appeared this year, appears there was an older faucet box but I am unsure if this is the same people?

The offerings when first started were initially huge that quickly dropped off, however. But they still offer 9 different cryptocurrency faucets at the moment. They are fairly easy to click upon. The crypto remains in the faucet box wallet until you can withdraw which we will get to later.

They also have their FBX token which if you do decide to purchase, you have to keep in their wallet for 12 months. Was a bit of a 'faff' to do but I did purchase a small amount as was curious. So that is still in there whether it grows more I guess only time will tell.(Their claims of it going 1000x in a year seems mental)

What cryptos can you claim and how much?

So like I said you can claim 9 different faucets, all with varying amounts and frequencies. I probably say at the moment I do once a day maybe twice. But here is what you can claim with each click. I am only calculating the base rewards, the boosts you only get if you buy more of the FBX token. I am not too sure about that.

Also, be mindful the boost only lasted once or for one day I think so not really worth it.

The 9 cryptos

1) Tron (TRX) Claim 0.011 Reclaim every 120 minutes worth £0.0008

2) Shiba  (SHIB) Claim 45 - Reclaim every 180 minutes worth £0.0018

3) Nano Claim 0.0002 Reclaim every 120 minutes £0.0008

4) BitTorrent (BTT) Claim 0.11 Reclaim every 140 minutes £0.0003

5) Nervos (CKB) Claim 0.008 Reclaim every 125 minutes £0.00015

6) Verge (XVG) Claim 0.013 Reclaim every 90 minutes £0.0002

7) Contentos (COS) Claim 0.02 Available every 120 minutes £0.0003

8) IOTX Claim 0.012 Available every 90 minutes £0.0009

9) Harmony (ONE) Claim 0.05 Available every 160 minutes £0.011

Now that is not huge, I think the only way to look at this is to hold for a long time, years and years possibly and maybe some of these coins will take off to the moon. But this is not going to make a quick buck right now. There are some good projects on here like ONE and NANO personal faves.

Time will only tell if they are worth it to be honest, and they are only going to be worth it if you can withdraw.

The withdrawal

So there is no point clicking once a day waiting a long old time if you are unable to withdraw.

The withdrawal is I am afraid typical faucet standard. Where you will be able to withdraw but pay a hefty fee in the form of your hard-earned tokens in order to be able to do it. But that is to be expected.

So let's see how the withdrawal looks for all 9 tokens, what the minimum point is, the charge of it and then the number of clicks per token it will currently take, to get to that withdrawal point. Because once it is in your own wallet I wouldn't believe it is mine.

The 9 cryptos

1) Tron (TRX) Withdrawal = 6 - Tax 0.8 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 545 clicks for 5.2 TRX

2) Shiba  (SHIB) Withdrawal = 45000 - Tax 25000 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 1000 clicks for 20,000 shib

3) Nano Withdrawal = 0.2  - Tax NOTHING FREE - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 1000 for 0.2 nano (THANK YOU NANO)

4) BitTorrent (BTT) Withdrawal = 59 - Tax 19 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 536 for 40 BTT

5) Nervos (CKB) Withdrawal = 100 - Tax 1.5 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 12,500 for 98.5 Nervos (WHAT THE HELL)

6) Verge (XVG) Withdrawal = 21 - Tax 1 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 1615 for 20 Verge

7) Contentos (COS) Withdrawal = 23 - Tax 14 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 1150 for 7 (Crazy ass tax)

8) IOTX Withdrawal = 25 - Tax 3.5 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 2083 for 21.5

9) Harmony (ONE) Withdrawal = 21 - Tax 1 - Number of clicks to withdrawal = 420 for 20

Sometimes writing things down really puts thing in perspective and that is the case here, the likelihood of taking some serious money out of this is a long shot.

Many faucets come and go as well, so with this investment of your time you need to hope the rules don't change and when it comes to the crunch they let you get your tokens out.

Perhaps however people will look back and be amazed that every 120 minutes you could claim a small slice of IOTX at the click of the button. Ultimately I consider this a gamble, a gamble not of the money of your time.

Personally, I think I will persevere, perhaps see what happens when the 12 months of my small FBX deposit is up and see what happens.

Faucets may no longer be the best way of making decent money with crypto but there are a whole host of offers that can be made through crypto, either free crypto sign up offers, learn and earn offers or through crypto social sites, so check out the crypto page for more of the latest offerings.