Learn and earn with coinbase

Learn and Earn with Coinbase to earn some free cryptocurrency - with the answers

Coinbase is one of the first crypto exchanges, one of the most trustworthy. Importantly as well it is one of the best ways to earn some free crypto, through Learn and Earn opportunities, also at the moment there is two great sign up offers for Coinbase as well that could net you £20+ of cashback.

What is Learn and Earn?

So basically Learn and earn opportunities are where you learn about a cryptocurrency. Normally by watching a short video, answering some questions and getting a small token of crypto for your efforts.

Coinbase has been doing this for a long time and the best thing about Coinbase Learn and earn is that you can get a few dollars worth of crypto and if you are so inclined you can sell straight away.

Also with their quizzes get the answer wrong and you can just have another go, whereas with other Learn and Earn opportunities they are normally not instant and you need to check you get the answer correct. Earnathon is an example of this, and Coinmarketcap also has their learn and earn opportunities but they are normally a lottery so not guaranteed for everyone.

All of the Coinbase learn and answers can be found below

Sign up bonuses with some great free cashback

Also at the moment, there are two great cashback offerings for Coinbase one through Quidco and one through Topcashback. Where you can make a nice tidy profit by signing up and depositing a couple of quid, you know how much I love profitable cashback, but at these levels it is fantastic.

Topcashback sign up bonus with coinbase - £20 - 30

Topcashback is offering 2 tiers of offers, the first one you will get £20 cashback for any trade of less than £69.99.

top cashback coinbase offer

So to get the bonus you will just need to sign up verify ID, deposit some cash - able to be done for free with Coinbase, buy a small amount of crypto, there will be a small fee.

Then if inclined can sell it when the cashback has been paid.

If I hadn't already signed up I would be snapping this up quick

If you do the first trade of £70+ then you would get £30, so something to bear in mind.

Ensure if for some reason the cashback doesn't track in a few days put in a missing claim. But all the reports are good news for this offer.

Quidco £22.50 for a small trade

If doing a small trade, more profitable to do Quidco

quidoc coinabase cashback offer

If you are doing a small trade so less than the £70 for the free £30 with Topcashback, you would be better placed doing the Quidco offer.

As you get £22.50 for Quidco for doing the same small trade.

Equally as reliable as Topcashback if any problems submit a ticket

Also if you are new to Quidco and sign up with my link you can get an extra £5 after you earn £5 worth of cash back, so this offer or others you'll get an extra fiver.

Learn and earn answers

$3 free Mina Learn and earn answers

$3 of Ampleforth learn and earn answers

1. Earn $3 of AMP another 3 quick questions

Q: What is Amp?
A: A collateral token

Q: What does AMP provide on the flexa network?
A: Instant settlement assurance

Q: What can you earn by staking AMP on flexa?
A: Amp rewards


2. Stellar Earn $10 for 5 quick questions

Answer 1: A decentralized protocol that unites the worlds financial infrastructure
Answer 2: Facilitating low-cost, universal payments.
Answer 3: Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global
Answer 4: To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently
Answer 5: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions.