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Free trade: Get a free share worth between £3 and £200 - Just a £1 deposit Sign up here

Free trade: Deposit £1 and get a free share worth up to £200. Really easy to do, free share comes through after a few days. Can get extra free shares by referring others


Trading 212: Free share for just a £1 deposit worth possibly £100- Sign up here

Need to verify your account and open a 212 invest / ISA account, and deposit just £1 and then you should get your free share within 3 days.


Orca Get a free share for depositing and making 3 trades - Sign up here

Excellent one if you are going to get into investing anyway - Sign up with my referral link, (buy 3 different shares) and get a free one again could be worth £100's - Sign up here
Check out the full step by step guide here


Ziglu: £5 free if sign up and deposit and buy £1 of crypto Sign up here

This offer pays very quickly, just sign up with above link, verify, deposit and buy £1 of crypto. £5 will be credited for free and can be withdrawn straight to your bank at no cost


Curve Get £5 free to spend Sign up here

Sign up with above link, link curve to your bank account, and make first purchase with curve card, completely free to use. Get £5 worth of points to spend on your curve card


$30 of  DFI with CAKE
Get $30 worth of DFI for temporarily transferring $50 of crypto into cake (Dash is cheapest for fees) then transfer out if so wish. (Need to hold the DFI for 6 months and then its yours if you want it)
Sign up here


Coinbase -
One of the biggest trading platforms for crypto currency., they have got two ways to earn from there.
Watch their videos and answet the quizzes to earn free crypto
As well as if you sign up and buy £71.90 of crypto and get £7.19 free Bitcoin, Sign up here
Also check out their great ways to earn by watching videos earn $30 plus


Mode get £10 free in 24 hours if buy £100 of Bitcoin

Get £10 worth of BTC  within 24 hours by either depositing 0.01 BTC into their bitcoin jar or buying £100 worth of BTC - will likely be about £7 if withdraw straight back into account
Read more here
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money transfer

Send money to yourself and earn close to £40

Follow my step by step guide to sending money to yourself with these money transfer offers and easily makeclose to £40.

Very easy step by step instructions here


Bit Panda Earn free $15 with a €25 euro deposit

Follow the step by step instructions here to earn some free money with BitPanda easy to do and easy to transfer back to your bank account
Read step by step instructions here
Sign up here


Swissborg Get between €1 and €100 of CHSB for a €50 deposit - (Equivalent in £'s)
Bit of a gamble this one, as if you got just the €1 and then withdrawn you would probably lose out with fees.

Sign up with link: here
Verify details
Deposit €50 in their platform and
Then we each get a free scratchcard worth between €1 and €100
Check out here for a easy way to earn some CHSB just for predicting the price of bitcoin


Get £10 free bitcoin with LUNO Phone app
Method 1: If a new customer, sign up verify and enter this code: BPBPERRYMAN10 free £10 job done
If thinking of investing in bitcoin Enter this code: NFQHKZ when sign up and get £10 free after a £100 deposit and purchase of crypto.
Best thing about Luno is you can get the money instantly so no fluctuation

Also be on the lookout for their free codes. I've got £40 worth of BTC this year for free with promotional codes.


Start investing with TICKR and get £15 free and plant 2 trees

TICKR has two main goals to make investing possible for a whole new generation, and to make a positive impact on climate change.

If you are starting to invest this is a great way to get into it. Read more about TICKR here

But if you are here for the sign up, you can get £15 free after signing ip and depositing £5 the bonus can be withdrawn after 90 days, there is a £1 monthly fee for ysing TICKR so your profit will be £12 after withdrawal, good easy money - Sign up here