Everup referral code and review

Everup referral code and review


Everup referral code


Sign up bonus and Everup referral code

All you have to do is follow these 3 simple steps:

1) Sign up to ever up with a referral link before Sunday 12th September 23:59 BST (Check referral code is entered) RJON2501846PNOVX

2) Verify your details (you do need to verify with ID - driving licence with current address sufficed for me.

3) Open a cash account

4) By signing up with my EverUp referral code you will get some coins. With these coins, you can play games to earn cash. I would advise playing the manchester scratchcard. Which is the best chance of small cash winnings.

Easy as that, the whole process took about 10 minutes, and the fact there is no deposit needed at all was a big sell for me.

Sometimes EverUp will have sign up offers, in the past it has been between £4 and £10. So will update if that is the case.

What is Everup?

So Everup is another money savings app, this one however has a little twist, in that you can win prizes just by keeping your money in there, no interest will be earned but you can earn some extra money through their prizes.

Is EverUp legit?

Your money is safeguarded

Any new money institution has to run on trust and there are a lot of these start ups knocking around lately, and that is why they tend to have a good sign up offers to get the customers in. I have used lots of similar apps to this and never had problems.

"We are not a bank and your account does not offer FSCS protection, and does not pay any interest or dividends.
We are a registered agent of an e-money institution authorised by the FCA.
Our EMI partner stores your money with the Bank of England in a ring-fenced account, which means it is never used for any other purposes."


How does it work?

So Ever up bank account has an account number and sort code like any other and you can use it another little savings pot. I have always found these really useful when saving for christmas etc. So you can transfer some money to it with ease from your bank account.

Earn coins

So by signing up you will earn, 500,000 coins.

Chances to win cash

By holding money in your account you can get a wealth of opportunites to try and earn some more money through the app.

Weekly lottery

You can play their weekly lottery for a chance to win £1,000,000 jackpot.

The prizes are as follows

What can you win when you play Million Lotto?

Match Cash CoinsOdds
8 + Fruit£1,000,000.00600000000
7 + Fruit£5,000.008300000
6 + Fruit£500.00264600
5 + Fruit£50.0014700
4 + Fruit1,000,0001300
3 + Fruit150,000181.4
2 + Fruit50,00040.3
1 + Fruit15,00015.7
0 + Fruit7,50013.9

You can enter for free or buy more tickets (up to 20) with 25,000 coinsDaily raffle
You can also earn Cash and coins by playing the daily raffle for free as well

Winning Category Cash Coins
1£ 10.00
2£ 5.00
3£ 2.50
4£ 0.50
5£ 0.25

Another free way to try and win something with doing absolutely nothing. Sounds good to me

The wheel of fortune

You also get a free spin on the wheel of fortune each day, and then you can spend some virtual coins to spin and try and win some cash and virtual coins again. (The house will probably always win on this one)

Virtual coins

So all these virtual coins what can you do with them? well not a whole lot to be honest they have no cash value. You can buy extra lottery tickets or spin on the wheel of fortune. So I expect the value to go down, but my plan is to spend these virtual coins on the games that are available if I get luck great if not nothing lost. Ive still got my money saved that I would anyway



I will be honest not expecting huge things from this app. But looking at it in two different ways. Firstly from a point of view of free money, you can sign up for free get a tenner withdraw and you are up.

I do like the idea of earning extra money on there and therefore am tempted to put a tiny amount in to see if it turns into anything.

There is a aprt of me that thinks these apps tend to be more generous when first starting out so we shall see.

But not convinced this is the place to put all my savings just yet.

But always free money is the goal and this is a great opportunity

Sign up here if interested and enter referral code for 500K coins

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