SumUp sign up bonus November 2021

sum up sign up offer

Just a little one today, but a very easy and profitable one. For 5 minutes you can easily get £10 from the 'sum up.' sign up offer.

Likely you will have seen Sum up before, the portable card machine readers that many small businesses use.

Now they have a new finance app, where you can transfer money from your other accounts directly to SumUp free of charge and use it to send to other members or pay merchants who use SumUp.

The SumUp sign up offer

The offer is incredibly simple no need to sign up with any particular link.

You must just be over 18 from the UK and have not used the SumUp app before.

You will need to prove your identity, driving license or passport and a selfie.

This process took me literally 5 minutes.

The £10 was then in my account straight away, and I could move this to my own bank account, which arrived in minutes.

Quite simply the easiest money I have made this month.

For more great offers check out the signup page here




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