Circa 5000 (Previously Tickr) - Get £15 free when you sign up and invest just £5, but is it worth it?

Investing has become easier and easier in the last few years, it has never been easier to invest, with small amounts of change now, you can invest with just the app on your phone but is it worth it? or do fees make it not worth it unless your paying the big bucks.

The signup deal

So to earn the bonus here is the step by step guide

  1. Sign up with a referral link (here)
  2. Register your account and ensure you enter the referrers details
  3. Verify your Id in the app (was quite quick and easy to do this)
  4. Deposit £5 - It is not necessary to make a monthly top up
  5. You will get £15 that will be withdrawable in 90 days
  6. There is a £1 fee each month (first month free) - so after 90 days you will be up £12 - £13
  7. Then you can withdraw your bonus after the 90 days, but if you withdraw everything then you may lose it all

Observe the T's and C's

  • Your referral credit is not invested.

  • Your credit is available to withdraw after 90 days of being added to your account and will be the last money to be withdrawn from your account. Alternatively, if you wish to invest your credit after 90 days please contact our Customer Support team by emailing hi@circa5000.com or using your in-app chat with your request.

  • If either you or the person you've referred close your account, or withdraw the full balance of your own investments within 90 days from receiving the credit, then it's no longer valid and will be removed from your account.

  • If you have no invested balance in your account and you refer someone, the credit will not be valid and will be removed from your account.

  • CIRCA5000 credit is capped at £100. You can continue to refer people to CIRCA5000 and they will receive their credit, but any credit you receive from referrals will be cancelled once you reach the £100 credit limit.

  • CIRCA5000 reserves the right to alter, amend or withdraw these terms without prior notice.

  • CIRCA5000 may exclude from participation anyone who is believed to be taking unfair advantage of the offer.

That is greatly putting me off of the offer to be honest it, when this was Tickr I got paid for my first sign up bonus, for withdrawing everything, then had 2 referrals pop in my account but with no balance will it turn into cash we shall see.

On 24/10/21 I withdrew £15 have no money invested so I expect this bonus will dissapear, or the person referred did the same so the bonus will dissapear. I guess only time will tell.

Is it worth investing with Circa 5000?

As an investment platform it looks very slick, is all about ethical investing which is good, you can see it will be invested in to good sustainable companies.

But at the end of the day you want to make money.

So you can invest into a general investment account in 2 ways, you can do a monthly top up or round up your earnings. I like the round up offerings they are a good solid way of topping up your money.

But for investing is it worth it.

There is a fee of £1 a month for having money in the GIA and an annual fee of 0.7%

If you have a lot invested then it is probably worth it. But if I am popping away £10 a month, that is 10% of my investment gone straight away, is the performance going to out perform that then I doubt it.

Therefore for someone investing small amounts of money this is not a great idea at all really.

Investing lots then it may well be a good shout.

Is the referral bonus worth it then?

Well certaily there is a chance of earning some money but the terms and conditions look like there are so many ways that you will not get your investment. So for me if you are using the platform to invest anyway, then maybe you can make a little bit of extra cash.

Some people have said that they have had no problems getting the profit, and suppose if you kepp £5 in there for 90 days then just withdraw the bonus then you will be in profit, and make at least £12. But I wouldn't withdraw it all at the same time.



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