Free trade two free shares

Free trade, Get two free shares worth between £3 - £200 each, available until 29th May 2022

Free trade has been around for quite some time and simply has one of the best referral offers. Free trade is a mobile application that allows you to buy fractional shares, normally you can sign up with a link and get one free share now the excitement joy and amount of shares is doubled. Until 29th May you can get TWO free shares if you sign up with a referral link

free trade two free shares

No fees

The best part of Free Trade is that there are no fees, if you open a general investment account there are no regular fees to pay monthly or annually

The  2 for 1 Free share offer

If you haven't signed up to free trade and want some free money then now is the time. So to get your free share, follow these simple steps

  1. Sign up to free trade with this link
  2. If on desktop enter your phone number for your link for your free share
  3. Open a General Investment Account (Free)
  4. Make a deposit, this can be as little as £1, this can be done really easily through the app in a variety of ways
  5. Complete the W-8BEN form (This allows you to invest in US stocks by declaring you do not pay taxes in the US) You will need to complete this in order to get your Free Share and continue investing.
  6. Then you wait it does take about 7-10 days to get the free share from free trade.
  7. Then you open with anticipation as to what you have won. Your shares will be worth between £3 and £200 EACH.


I shall be honest most of the shares are on the lower end but hey they are still free.

What are my chances ?

These are the percentage likelihood of the value of your share.

Approximately 95% of the instruments awarded will have a value between £3 and £10.

Approximately 3% of instruments awarded will have a value between £10.01 and £25.

The remaining 2% of instruments awarded will have a value between £25.01 and £200
(based on the price of the instruments at the time of awarding).

Sign up here if interested

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