Free cashback

Free Cashback deals

Cashback sites are a great, fantastic way of making extra money on the things you buy anyway, all you have to do is click through the offer from the cashback site and get paid.

But did you know that you can make money just from completing some signup offers on said sites? Completely and utterly bonafide FREE. No need to spend at all on these offers, just giving away your details signing up.

All sites are free to sign up and very easy to use and navigate, ad-blocking software can potentially block the cashback, so be wary of that,

The offers I've listed below can easily make you £25 +

Another helpful tip is using an alternative email for these offers, so you don't get bombarded with spam unless your into that sort of thing! I'm not judging!

Three free sites to sign up to and earn with

Oh my dosh deals: 16 offers worth a total of £27.70

Quidco deals: £3.60 - As well as an extra £5 if haven't already signed up by signing up with my link

Topcashback £11.13 - cracking offers

Below I have got all of the step by step instructions to get these offers.

It is also worth checking out 20 cogs which you can make over £100 through sign up offers and free trials


Oh my dosh free cashback

So oh my dosh with these free offers can earn £20.70, we will do it first because if you get bored halfway through this at least you would have got the best site and offers.

1) Welcome bonus - nice and easy 50p

2) Confirm your email and earn another 50p

3) Subscribe to the oh my dosh youtube channel £0.10

4) Complete the 3 question survey = £0.50

5) Claim Your Free Spins at The Best Free Spins = £1.00

6) Fill out the registration form on ProductTestingUK, providing all the information required. Don't give them your real number and give them a spam email- = £0.75

7) Download the browser extension pouch - £1.75 -

8) Sign up to free club - £0.50 -

9) Sign up to prime video Can sign up a second time with a second email - remember to cancel!!!- £3.50 -

10) Receive your free budget planner with claro money - £0.50 -

11) 6 Different amazon offers, all of them sign up for 7 days for free, MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL BEFORE THE 7 DAYS - can keep track on your amazon account, but this is an easy £6.00

12) Follow oh my dosh on Instagram £0.10 -

13) Sign up to experian for free - £2.00

14) Order a free giffgaff sim card £0.50

15) Panelbase surveys - £1.25 (One of my best survey websites)

16) Newvista £0.50 - another good survey company

17) Survey spotter - £0.60 -

18) Paid surveys £0.90

19) Acorn TV - free 30 day  trial £3.25 REMEMBER TO CANCEL
You can cancel Acorn TV by going to the Acorn website and clicking "Cancel Membership" on your account page)

20) Money supermarket - £3.00 for checking credit score



Next QUIDCO poor show from Quidco maybe need to have a better hunt around as I expected better as these offers can all be had from the others as well.

Still, if you have some unwarranted loyalty to Quidco then go for it and can earn £3.60

They haven't got a huge amount on there but still a bit on there

  1. £1.60 for a free Experian account
  2. £0.80 for 20 cogs
  3. £0.40 for search lotto
  4. £0.80 for quote search

Topcashback is a bit more like it for free offers: not as good as oh my dosh - but still, opportunity to earn: £11.13

  1. £1.02  20cogs so better than Quidco
  2. £0.42 for signing up to pick my postcode for free
  3. £6.00 for signing up to Experian free account
  4. £0.85 - for downloading we are 8 (which is a great app that pays you for watching ads
  5. £0.51 for signing up and completing a survey on survey spotter
  6. £1.07 for entering encash competition
  7. £0.85 Proft accumulator for free membership
  8. £0.42 search lotto

It's worth keeping a lookout on these sites as often they have new offers come up, and definitely, before you buy anything on the internet check out these websites and see if the website is covered here, you'll be amazed at how much can earn just from buying what you would do anyway