Get a £50 amazon voucher with profile pensions

Get a £50 amazon voucher with profile pensions

An excellent offer right now with profile pensions. To earn a £50 amazon voucher with a referral code. This can be earned by either transferring an existing pension or by depositing a tiny £10 on either direct debit or as a one-off.

How to earn a £50 amazon voucher with profile pensions

The steps to earn the voucher are straightforward.

  1. Sign up with a referral link - Here is mine (The referral is operated by mention me which tracks the referrals)
  2. When you click the link you should see something along the line of "Great, you'll get a £50 Gift Card thanks to ...."
  3. Complete the signup process, just needed personal details and national insurance number.
  4. If you have an existing pension that you want to transfer you can do that, or you can set up a new one and as long as you pay £10 a month you will get your £50 amazon voucher
  5. You get the voucher after 30 days so if so inclined you could cancel the future direct debit.
  6. Once I purchased successfully I also got another reassuring email from mention-me. To tell me that it had all tracked and after the cooling-off period I would be getting my £50 amazon voucher.

This is a really easy offer to complete and a really profitable one at that.

This offer has been around for a while, I am not sure how long it will continue so it is a great one to do while it is here.

What is profile pension?

I like services like profile pension ideal if you have got lots of pensions and want to group them together, but the best thing is you can actually see how your funds are doing.

When setting up my minimal direct debit I was given risk options and options about sustainability.

The annual fee of between 0.83% and 0.87% is an all in fee which is competitive.

Profile pensions doesn't hold your money itself, it is held by the pension provider that they have recommended you with. In my case, Aegon is a very reputable company. It is nice to see the split of your funds.

It is a very easy and straightforward platform to use. But ultimately I am here for the voucher, which for £50 for either consolidating your pension or starting off with £10 is fantastic. 

Sign up here if interested

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