How to upload a book on KDP

How to upload a book onto KDP

KDP is my latest side hustle adventure. Earning a decent £450+ in October – December in 2021 by spending only £5. 

Once you know what is needed to upload a book on to KDP you can set your templates, and get through the process much quicker. This means you can upload more books and sell them.

We have already looked at what tools you need to start with KDP, you can start with 3 very simple things to get started so if you haven't yet read that post I suggest you do. Get started on KDP here

These following steps are not ones to be rushed though, you can create as beautiful a cover as you like with a very smart professional-looking interior, but if you do not get the following right then you are not going to go very far.

upload a book on kdp

Your KDP book Title and subtitle

This is the first item to fill in when uploading your book onto KDP.

Here you need to say the title of your book which should reflect what is on the cover and a brief description if a no-content book, so ok to put in ‘ blank lined 120-page journal 6” x 9” for example.

The title you put in the title box needs to be on either the front cover or the spine, this stops you from jamming all your keywords in.

But would have to say would not be wise to jam in too many keywords thinking it will rank higher, it is likely that this will not work.


The best approach I have found is to write the title which is what the text. So for example My campervan planner - 2023 Planner. Then in the subtitle you can put in more about the book, so explain what type of book it is or maybe a couple more keyword. So adding in subtitle 6" x 9" small annual diary for holidays. Something like that.


Description of your KDP book

Then your description, for me I tend to have some quick rules to follow for my descriptions of no-content books.

Firstly putting who this would be good for: “The perfect fishing gift blah blah”

Then stating what the book is. So "2023 planner, with daily and weekly diary, with a weekly to-do list. 6" x 9" beautiful matte cover"

Then again tend to pop in who this book would be good for “ideal secret Santa present etc etc”

It is another opportunity to put keywords in to your listing, but ill-advised to jam them in unnecessarily.

Another good tip for your description is to write the text in HTML so you can make the text bolder underlined etc. As opposed to just typing straight into the description. You can copy and paste the code and this will then make your text stand out.

There are lots of places to do this online - here is just one


The more content the book has the more description I tend to put. So for example my word search books I will put in the number of word search grid sizes, and some examples of them as well.

No content books my description is a bit shorter, and where the listings are quite similar tend to work of a similar template changing a bit of the text with each


Keywords the most important part of uploading a KDP book

Then next the keywords, this is your opportunity to enter the keywords that people will search for that you want your book to rank for.

So if you are targeting people who are searching for a fishing notebook. You will want to enter all of the keywords that a person searching for that book may search for.

So journal, notebook, notepad. Fishing, fish, angling etc

You get 7 spaces, but they can be used as keyword phrases not only a single keyword.

This is your opportunity to put your research to good use to find the best keywords for your book that you want your book to rank.

You can enter either short or long keyword phrases or single keywords.

You are not restricted to 1 keyword per box you can enter multiple.

Do your research with these keywords to maximise your ability to sell.

There are some great videos on youtube about how to find good keywords Paul Marles is my personal fav -


The next part is another important aspect of getting sales in your book, the categories. Your book should be placed in appropriate categories of which there are many.

I tend to look at similar books to see what categories they are put into and also use the free book bolt category finder to help me find which two categories to choose

Also you can use the book bolt category finder which by putting in a short term it will give you what categories are common for that type of book.

Also common sense and the more you do goes a long way here as well.


That is the first page done, all that is needed after this is to upload the cover and the interior, check it is ok and then set your price points.

These will explore further later as well as many other tips and how to's for uploading books to KDP and maximising those sales.

This is a journey that I am only one year into so let's go together and see where we end up




Start with KDP

KDP is the perfect side hustle, all for free, the earning potential is huge, and all you need is three things to get started, and here they are.

Kdp earnings 2021

Part 2 of my review. Is all about the exciting world of KDP, my journey to selling over 450 notebooks and how I did it!

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