Lego harry potter investments 2022

Lego Harry Potter investments 2022


Recently we looked at past Lego Harry Potter sets that have retired over the last couple of years, and it was clear that 100% return on investment, within 1 – 2 years is very very doable. By buying Lego Harry Potter at a discounted rate while it is on the market, keeping it past retirement, wait for supply to outstrip demand and then sell. Even after the fees of amazon or eBay 100% ROI is very attainable if not more.


When I think of my Lego investment, I am hoping to see this return in 12 -24 months. Not always done as some sets stay out for longer than I would have thought.


So with that in mind taking a look at the current Lego Harry Potter sets, I have come up with a few that I think will be great investments moving forward. As I have said before everyone’s circumstances are different, for me I want to put my money into something for a few years and see a good return. This is money that isn’t needed any time soon however and not money I will need access to in the short term. Any thoughts are only my own and should not consider this as financial advice. I always want to hear others thoughts as well.


Lego 75955 Hogwarts express RRP £79.99


The first set I have considered is the Hogwarts express, this Harry Potter set has been out since the reincarnation of Lego Harry Potter in August 2018. It has been on the market for quite some time now.


It was in fact one of the first sets we invested in when starting out. Buying at a great discount price of just over 30% off at £52.64, buying 6 of them. It was probably a bit of a naïve purchase. But seeing it as a very popular set and on the market for at the time 2 and a half years thought this would be a good place to start.


However a year later it is still on the market, perhaps it will be for any longer, there are always exceptions to the retirement dates and this is already one of them. But it wont stay around forever and certainly think an iconic set like this will increase very nicely in value.


This is likely one that will be popular with investors so may need to wait out the early sellers a little bit.


But it is popular so will have people wanting, collectible because well it’s the bloomin Hogwarts express.


Also and although a difficult comparison look at the last Hogwarts express that retired in 2011. Currently sitting at over £300 RRP was back in the day £81.99, this is 10 years ago (I feel old now) though mind and set was only out for a year. But the popularity of a set like this is a clear indicator of its performance after retirement.


The question is when shall it retire? My fingers and toes are crossed for this year


Lego 75979 Hedwig RRP £34.99


Now if the Hogwarts express was a popular set this next one is really popular.

This is a set I am as confident in as the Knight bus, which is performing rather nicely at the moment, 2 months after retirement.


It came out in June 2020 so we are approaching the 2 year mark, we could see it retire this year or next year I think.


It is a nice smaller cheaper set and it has had some crazy good discounts available for it. Some at half price, and has been at the £23 mark 35% off its RRP


Looking at Keepa it also performs very well when the product is out of stock another huge indicator that a set will do well after retirement


It was a set that I held off last year as I was looking for the Lego side of things to grow and was not in a situation to put any more money in. So when reinvesting my profits Iwas looking at sets closer to retirement, so as to not tie up the capital. However this year if we see those discounts again I will be snapping up this pretty owl


Lego 75948 Clock tower


This set is also hugely popular a larger set but not massively expensive for what it is. It has been on the market since 2019. So has been on the market for some time. Again it is a estimate that it should retire, but I think with really popular themes some bigger sets may hang around for much longer. Just look at the millennium falcon.


But if I was looking to put my money into something, this would be an excellent investment. I have no doubt it will perform extremely well post retirement


If you can pick this one up at a good discount then it is a fantastic opportunity to purchase.


I have a solitary clock tower at present bought for £61.99 over 30% discount and anything at this rate 25-30% is a great buying opportunity.

Very popular set still in the top 20 for building sets on amazon, and also has performed well when out of stock on amazon.

Similar question when will it retire. But again I wouldn’t be surprised to be saying goodbye to it this year.


76382, 76383, 76384,76385. Hogwarts moment, Transfiguration class, Potions. Herbology, Charms

I have grouped these sets together as they are all very similar and I think therefore they will perform quite similarly. The first two still very much on the market and discounted, the second one certainly and the pther likely retired but performing well.

These came out in January 2021, this year on 1st march we saw more very similar sets being added. Whch implies to me they are selling well. (The BSR ranking on amazon confirms this)


I also get the feeling with these sets that their life span may only be around the 2 year mark they won’t stay around as long as the other sets we have seen.


Also have seen good discount for these sets. Earlier in the year picked up 76383 for £18 at 30% off a great price


76382 and 76383 are currently on amazon for a great discount, high BSR so it is not as if they are not selling


While the other two 76384 and 76385 are currently out of stock (76384 is now retired and 76385 out of stock) and their price is through the roof, if these then they will be great buys.

Where the other two look like both fantastic opportunites while on the market.

The principles of Lego investing with Harry Potter theme

There are so many others to consider with Lego harry potter sets, in all honesty all of them are great investments, if you can pick up at a good discount it is where I would feel my money being safest in a potter set.

20% discount is often attainable on these sets, but you can often see 30%, and always check out the stock clearances in retail where there are getting new stock in you can see some really popular sets going at half price. Hedwig and the knight bus were being spotted in a lot of retail supermarkets. I was even fortunate to pick up 3 knight buses at half price.

If I see harry potter sets at that price I am snapping them up.


We will likely come back and take a look at some more Lego sets from this theme. But my guidelines to take away from this would be


  • Buy discounted 20-30% is a great price
  • I wouldn’t buy sets that are less than a year old if wanting quicker turn around on capital
  • Diversify, some Harry Potter sets can be around for a long time don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • Check the BSR on amazon to see the sets popularity
  • See what price goes like if set goes out of stock, bit higher on the RRP is a great sign

Thanks as always for reading

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