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Lego Harry Potter investments

This is the home for all things Lego Harry Potter investments, with a list of all of the current Lego Harry Potter, sets below. Investment thoughts and musing, and past analysis on previous retired sets.

How do Harry potter sets perform after retirement?

We took a deep dive into Harry Potter sets since their reincarnation in 2018 to see how well they performed after retiring and how much they increased in value. (Spoiler they do very well)

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Current Lego Harry Potter sets

Below we have listed all of the Lego Harry Potter sets that are currently on the market as of March 2022. You can see at a quick glance the RRP, the prices at different discounts and when they were first released, all of this to help in your Lego investing journey.

You can check out the current average expiry date for Lego sets here as well