Lego investing. Save money and make money when buying retail

Lego investing and loyalty cards, earn money and save money on retail purchases.


Last year the vast majority of my Lego investing purchases were made through four stores. Firstly online amazon, but in person, Argos, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Argos had some massive discounts around Christmas and black Friday. Sainsburys; which is always worth checking for the latest clearance discounts. I got a lot of marvel Lego at half price, some star wars and some very cheap city sets as well.

Tescos, got some huge discounts, with a number of clearance sets, for about half price. Then around easter got some brilliant lego friends and lego city sets for a whopping half price. I stocked up big time on these, and at half price with these sets, they could have easily resold and made profit, or they will easily make 100% return on investment.


There are two things you need to get for free if you want to maximise your Lego investment game, these are things you may already have, are completely free and will not cause any hassle or extra rigmarol.....


Yep loyalty cards, the clubcard and nectar card are a must. Clubcard will give you massive discounts on some sets as well as racking up some points, while nectar will allow you to get points for all your purchases at Sainsburys and Argos and loads of other places and you can then use these points to discount other products whether that be Lego or pasta.


The Tesco clubcard and their massive discounts

If you shop at Tesco, you will know that basically you need a clubcard. Otherwise you will despise yourself as you walk out having paid full price for the jumbo pack of jaffa cakes, that you could have got for half the price had you just signed up to their loyalty program.

Well it is not just cake / biscuit type goodies that you can get for half price, but also toys, lots of toys and for me particularly lego. Tescos have a wide variety of clubcard specific discounts. Around easter time last year they had half price on a few sets, the ones that I was particularly buoyed with and bought lots of were. The Lego friends set 41422 and city set 60305, which I got for £12.50 each normally £25.00

Both these sets will easily turn into 100% return on investment, if not more.

These and many more lego sets were available at a whopping discount with the tesco clubcard.

If you are serious about investing in lego you need to be checking out your local tescos for great discounts

The benefits of the clubcard

Signing up to tesco clubcard is really easy

Ofcourse you can use the clubcard on your phone or physical card

Just simply scan the card prior to checking out to apply any relevant discounts or when bought online, and rack up those points

They offer a wide range of clubcard prices like I said before, just look out for the clubcard sticker


You can also accrue your points to get more money off things

150 points is £1.5 and you get 1 point for every pound that you spend in store as well as through lots of other ways as well. (1 point every £2 on fuel, 1 point per £ on f and f clothing, points via tesco mobile and tesco credit card) You can also then 3 x your vouchers as well through the clubcard website. Making those points go even further 

 (For amazon purchases there are always great quantity disocunts on Lego when using amazon business) Very easy to sign up

Nectar: Get points on all your lego investments at argos, sainsburys and ebay

Nectar is the monster of all loyalty cards, linked with so many other providers, for Lego investing though earning points on your eBay, Argos and Sainsburys purchases can rack up some huge points that you can save up and spend.

Points can be redeemed at the checkout with ease

Collect 1 point per £1 on all qualifying spends at Sainsbury's supermarkets and at You can also collect 1 point for every 1 litre of fuel when you fill up at Sainsbury's petrol stations.

Click here to link your Nectar and Argos accounts so that you automatically collect points on every online purchase you make at Argos. 

Get 1 point per £1 when you shop on eBay really easy to link accounts as well

These points can really add up over the year, I like to save them all and put towards family stuff at christmas. Makes it alot easier.

There are loads of great ways to boost your Lego investment game by stacking discounts and cashback, are you using a cashback credit card for those purchase, making use of quantity discounts on amazon business?, Using loyalty cards mentioned above?, checking for cashback or deals on products bought online or in store.All these little things help your return on investment be even bigger

One such way is Zilch where you can get £10 free spending money for amazon and 5% cashback on all amazon purchases by signing up and linking your card. Read more here or sign up to get started