Which 2021 Lego speed champions sets should you invest in?

I have shown looking at past years that Lego Speed champions are a great investment

(2015 - 2016 - 2017 -2018 - 2019 - 2020)

But of the current sets which ones are the best to go for and which should you buy as investment in order to double your money?

As always we will be wanting to pick these up at a discount hold past retirement, then sell to see a great return on our Lego investment.

There are two groups of sets currently out the ones released July 2021 and the ones released March 2022.

For now we are looking at the July 2021 sets. If anything like the 2020 sets then we could have a while left on the market and may not see them retire until 2023. Or perhaps end of this year 2022.

Once we know the retiremen date, the investment will be more sound. But either way if we had decent sets at a good price I would be happy to hold for the longer term.

All of these sets were released on 01/06/2021


76900 Koenigsegg Jesko RRP £17.99

This is a set that I really like the look of.

I would be aiming to buy this set at 20-30% off minimum. So between £12 – 14


These smaller sets often perform well. Not that we have seen a Koenigsegg. It will certainly have collector appeal

It is also popular looking at the best seller rankings on Amazon.


Also looking at Keepa chart for when it goes out of stock it has performed really well.

All this points for me this set doing really well post retirement.



76901 Toyota GR supra RRP £17.99

The Toyota I also feel is a good buy.


Again popular on Amazon and again performing well. This small set I feel will do the same as so many others of the smaller sets that we have seen. If you can pick up at a good discount


The price does not do as well as the Koingsegg when out of stock however but still no doubt this will perform well, however I feel less well than the koeingsegg.

Again 20-30% discount will be required.

76902 Mclaren Elva RRP £17.99

This set is equal in popularity to the Toyota and probably similar to the koingsegg when the latter is not on sale.

Mclaren sets historically perform well post retirement.

We have the luxury with this set of seeing similar brands and how they performed.

75877 performed supremely well post retirement

As did 75909 the first mclaren set the P1

In all honesty any of these small sets I would be snapping up at a good discount. But what about the bigger sets?


76903 Chevrolet Corvettes RRP £34.99

This set is still a popular one in the Lego themes.

The last Chevrolet set from 2016 that was equivalent to this one did well.

I think if I could snap up for £25 or less I would be taking a punt on this one. I think it may have to be retail stores where see this set for this discount. But amazon will always be close at £27.99


I think it will get there, but not as easily or as quickly as the others.

So with my current budget I would probably be hoping for 40-50% off for this before I went for it. If I was a couple of years down the line with more space and cash. I would be happier to buy and take the hit on holding for longer. Bu right now even within this theme there are better investments.


76904 Speed Champions Mopar Dodge//SRT Top Fuel Dragster & 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Muscle Car

My lego sense make me want to  steer clear from this set. Very pricey set at £55 RRP I cannot see this reaching the 100% return on investment easily

That being said If I was fortunate to find this set a half price like I did with 76898 Formula E Panasonic set, then I would still buy as I think it will go up after retirement. But I don’t fancy this set for anything less than half price.

76905 Ford GT heritage edition


This set is a strange one. Again quite pricey at £45 where a lot of the other sets with 2 cars you can get for £35. Amazon does not seem to have had in stock recently thus is selling for £65. But is available on Lego

I think for this I would need to see a bigger discount to be happy with investment.



I think I can safely say that all Lego speed champions sets will be a good investment in the long run. But for me the three smaller sets are the way to go for me. As think they will reach their target better.


But it all comes down to what discount you can get these sets for. 76900, 76901 and 76902. 20-30% will be available. Bigger disocunts on the other sets I will also be taking on

But for me the koeingsegg set is the way to go for me followed closely by the Toyota and Mclaren



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