Lego speed champions investment 2016

Lego Speed Champions Investments 2016 sets

We continue our Lego Speed Champions investment research with the 2016 sets. There were 7 in the year, the majority on the market for 18- 24 months.

Price ranged from £12.99 TO £84.99. We saw from the 2015 sets that they performed very well just one year after retirement, making 100% return on investment entirely plausible, even more so when bought at the readily available discounts of between 20-30%. We were unable to get recent data on all the sets on Keepa. But hopefully, we will have a better idea with these ones.


Hopefully, from this research, we can make some informed opinions about the current Lego Speed Champions sets and see which appear to be the best investments.

The 2016 speed champions sets

Again all of the 2016 sets followed a similar pattern to 2015, released in March and retired December of the following year, different sets this time, we went muscle car with Chevrolets times two, two fords, then two Audis and a Porsche to top of the higher end.

75870 Chevrolet Corvette RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2016 – Retired 31/12/2017

As before these sets could be picked up on discount easily at £10. Between 20-25% off.

Just one year after retirement, in December 2018 this set would be between £30-40 an easy 100% return on investment.

Currently 4 years after retirement, they are selling on eBay for £60 + on Amazon there is only one used set, but Keepa shows new sets going for £100+ a massive return on investment after a few years

But most importantly for us is the year after retirement data, where certainly 100% return is very easy to obtain.


75871 Ford Mustang GT RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2016 – Retired 31/12/2017

Can the same be said for the mustang? Well in a word yes


Again we would have picked this up at a discount, with the price of £10 at one point amazon has as low as £7.26. A year after retirement we were comfortably looking at well over £50-60 for resale. That is a massive return on investment 400% after fees is huge.

The price currently sits at £95 on amazon.

Not bad for a cheap little set.


75872 Audi R18 RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2016 – Retired 31/12/2017

We can’t seem to find historic data for the Audi R18, the only one for sale on Amazon is currently up for £200, on eBay a lot more modest with the cheapest new I could find second hand at £50+

But a shame we cannot see what it was doing in December 2018.


75873 Audi R8 LMS Ultra RRP £12.99 Release date ­01/03/2016 – Retired 31/12/2017

A set that looked very similar to the Audi above, unfortunately, we cannot find again on Keepa or Amazon.

eBay can see this boxed at about £40 but far from mint condition.

75874 Chevrolet Camaro  RRP £29.99 Release date ­01/03/2016 – Retired 31/12/2017

Fortunately, we have more joy with 75874 the first of our slightly pricier 2016 sets.

Discount wise again looking at 25% off almost at £23. Which it was often at discount on.

And again a year after retirement it was pushing £60, so all over that 100% return on investment again. Currently, now you can double that price again and it would be at about £120.

A clear win yet again!!


75875 Ford F150 Raptor RRP £44.99 Release date ­01/03/2016 – Retired 31/12/2017

Does the more expensive set perform as well as the others, however?

Difficult to say as we don’t seem to have strong data on it appears to be possibly going for about £80 a year after retirement, so assuming a 20% discount available on RRP again, potentially just under 100% ROI after fees but very close to it again.


Currently, the price is certainly performing well over £300 on amazon and comfortably £150+ on eBay, showing this set to be another good investment.


75876 Porsche 919 Hybrid RRP £74.99 Release date ­01/03/2016 – Retired 31/12/2017

The most expensive set of 2016 was the Porsche 919 Hybrid, at £74.99

Again no historic data which is a shame, but currently selling for just under £200 on amazon and a very similar price on eBay, there is no doubt that you would have made money on this set though, however, whether that would have been in the first 12 months unsure.


The conclusion from 2016 sets

I think the biggest thing that stood out is the performance of the cheaper sets, they seem to do very well initially and continue to grow, it will be interesting to see if that continues with the other sets. There is a lot of equivalence with the current Lego sets, the ones at the price mark of £18 (inflation hay).


The uniqueness and collectability of the Lego speed champions sets, is giving me more confidence in holding them in the future. But for now on to the next year...



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