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The performance of retired Lego Harry Potter sets (Part 1)


For Lego investments, you really can’t get much better than Harry Potter, popular sets with grown-ups and children alike. They are always sets that when on discount I am looking at getting, this article will show why.


Again, perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea as the hold time for Lego Harry Potter can be longer than other sets. But I would consider it a very safe long term investment. (More so than my stocks in cannabis companies)


Lego Harry Potter as not been out every year, although it has recently, there was a Hiatus between 2011 – 2018 there were no Lego Harry Potter sets. So, since 2018 there have been 35 sets released, 14 of which have retired.

As always there are some Lego investment rules to follow for myself. Namely the collectability / popularity of a set, big old tick for harry potter. The closeness to retirement which we will explore further, and to buy at a discounted rate.

So I have tried to see from these old sets what the RRP was but at a rough guide with Keepa, what a likely discount would be. Often there can be greater discounts in store with some sets on retail clearances etc. But often even with the standard 20% off particularly with potter it is enough of a discount to see a 100% return on investment, let us see if that is actually the case.


The Retired sets


With the 14 retired sets we have a good range sets that have retired well over 2 years ago, 1 year ago and some very recently. Hopefully from these dives into them we can get good ideas for what we want of sets that are still currently on the market. (Of course an article is incoming)

We will explore the first 7 in this article and the remaining 7 in part 2 with some bonafide conclusions probably


1) 75950 – Aragog’s Lair. RRP £12.99

Retired 31/12/2019 541 days on market –

One of the new breed of Harry potter sets wasn’t on the market for huge amount of time being out over a year at 500+ days, with a relatively low RRP


When on the market could have got a few times at £10.


One year on from retirement Keepa shows you could have comfortably sold for £30+ on amazon, Very comfortable 100% return on investment even bought at RRP


Now a further year down the line and then some. It is sitting at £45+


2) 75951 - Grindlewalds escape RRP: £19.99

Retired 31/12/2019 541 days on market –

Lego 75951

Same time on the market as the first set, slightly higher priced. When on the market there were a number of opportunities to get comfortably at less than £15.


A year later a comfortable sales price of around £40 was very achievable on amazon


A year hold after retirement and comfortably 100% ROI, another fantastic Lego investment


3) 75952 Newts case of magical creatures RRP £44.99

Retired 31/12/2019 541 days on market –

75952 as the same history as the above two a much pricier set this one at £44.99, this is a fantastic beasts set, but all harry potter to me.


This set was sold at £35 a lot despite the RRP so often on a discount, maybe a sign wasn’t as popular this one, and perhaps less collectability as not ‘proper potter’


But look at the amazon price now £85 and consistently at this price often more, again a year after discount and still today looking at this price solid investment.


We are 3 for 3.


4) 75953 Hogwarts whomping willow RRP £59.99

Retired 31/12/21 1248 days on the market

Now this set has not been discontinued for long at all leaving at the end of 2021. It was also a set that came out alongside the other first sets in august 2018. On the flipside of a long hold it was obviously popular if out that long.


A mid range price at £59.99 there will have been multiple times for discounts often available at £47.99  a good 20% off


Now again this set has only retired 2 months ago but currently sitting at £85. Another £30-40 and again looking at 100% ROI post fees. Very much see it going this way if not higher.

5) 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall RRP £89.99

Retired 31/7/21 1095 days on the market

Another set that has been out for some time and only very recently retired the great hall, I always thought this set would do well. I bought early on in my lego investment journey only the one. Got at a promising discount of 37% off, with the help of a loyalty discount at argos.


A much more normal available discount was £71.99 at 20% off. Again this set has not been retired long only a couple of months. Would be waiting until end of year to see what available. But currently already is at £135 on amazon. Already profitable and would make 100% on mine if sold. But from the 20% discount get closer to £200. The lego investing gold standard will have been met. I expect this to just keep going up and up but time will tell.


6) 75956 Quidditch match RRP £34.99

Retired 31/12/20 Days on the market 883


Going back in time a bit now to a set that came out later but retired earlier. This one retired end of 2020 after release with the originals. So bit more time to see how the investment performed.

Again 20% discount was often available if not more. At £27.99 a good and accessible price to snap up.

Looking at the price now 14 months post retirement looking at £75-85. Guess what 100% Return on investment

7) 75945 Expecto Patronum RRP £19.99

Retired 31/12/20, Days on the market 579

The first of the 2019 sets that we are looking at it came out in June 2019 and retired end of 2020. So less than 2 years on the market.


A discount often available at 25% discount at £15. We are currently selling at £40 on amazon with a higher price over Christmas.


Showing how important that discount is in getting to that 100% return on investment

That puts us half way through our retired harry potter sets.

It is clear the popularity of Lego Harry potter is great for Lego investment opportunities. Showing a great return so far with all of the sets a year after retirement.

Also highlighting the importance of getting that discount. In comparison to other themes. It is not often as discounted as highly. But often possible to get 25% off plus. and 30 - 40 or even 50% off is not unheard of.


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