Lego speed champions 2020

2020 Speed champions sets how will they perform


Similarly, to the 2019 sets that we looked at, these have not been retired long. So, we shouldn’t be surprised if we don’t meet our 100% return on investment at the moment. Our time will be December 2021, but there may well be some early indicators.


Some of these sets in 2021 were some of the first I purchased. So really putting it to the test. Only 5 proper sets this year, all of which were released January 2020 and retired end of 2021. The smaller sets that we have seen for some time priced at £12.99 were all now increased to £17.99, but I have to say with a noticeable improvement in quality.


76895 Ferrari F8 Tributo £17.99 Release date ­01/01/2020 – Retired 31/12/2021


Picking up this set for £13 -14 was possible many times on Amazon. We would then need £39-42 for 100% return on investment.


The set is currently sitting at £33 a short time after retirement well on its way to 100% return. I am sure will see that price point this year.


76896 Nissan GTR Nismo  £17.99 Release date ­01/01/2020 – Retired 31/12/2021

One of the sets that I purchased, got 4 for £12.36 or 30% off. A good price point to buy this set at.


Similarly again it is already at £33 making it already extremely close to 100% return bring on Q4



76897 Audi sport Quattro S1  £17.99 Release date ­01/01/2020 – Retired 31/12/2021

This set once again could have been picked up at £12.99 often on Amazon. Not quite as high as the others yet, but already only few months post retirement we are at £27.98



76898 Formula E Panasonic  £34.99 Release date ­01/01/2020 – Retired 31/12/2021

This set is one of the higher priced ones. Which looking at past years although good investments not as clean cut as the cheaper sets.


The discounts however that I got on these sets was mental. Buying some for £14 and £17.50 on clearance at a random Tesco whilst I was on holiday.


Otherwise the best discount you would have been able to get on amazon was £27.99.


Just few months in we are sitting at £53, great return so far, but still some to go. But again it is well on the right track.


Bought some of these sets as well, I was fortunate enough to get these at whopping discounts in Tescos and Sainsburys, a couple at £17.50 and a couple more at £14


76899 Lambourghini Urus ST x &Huracan super  £54.99 Release date ­01/01/2020 – Retired 31/12/2021

This set is rather an expensive one for 2 cars. As the past years have shown I would probably be steering clear from this set.


Could have got this set for £40 on amazon. Meaning £120 price point would be needed to get 100% return after fees.


Currently at £64 but I think in time it will get there. But these expensve sets I feel are not the way to go for an easy path to 100% return.


That is the last of the speed champions foray into current Lego sets.


We have seen across the board these sets performing very well post retirement. Nearly all hitting our 100% return within 12 months. Many going on to exceed that in later years.


The smaller sets imparticular perform better. Any discount 25-30% is a great buy, and if you see any sets at 40-50% off you snap them bad boys up.


Next we will be looking at which of the current sets we would be buying. Focusing on the ones released in 2021, as the others we will need to hold for longer.