2020 Earnings: £520.00

Website / Cash out via Paypal, Minimum 5 pound

Lifepoints is always right up there as one of my biggest earners.

If anyone used in the past "global test market" or "my surveys" this is the amalgamation of these websites.

Their surveys are sporadic, some days there will be none, but other days you get loads.

With a good selection, of short to medium surveys, there is also the opportunity for much larger projects with really good payouts.

Check out a past article to see how much earnt in an hour and a half on lifepoints

I find their surveys quick and easy to do, you will see the number of points you get for each survey, and the amount of time expected to take, I often find it normally takes a fraction of the time.

The bane of the survey taker the screenout, as with all you get some screenouts, but generally early on in the survey, not often late ones.

As I said the surveys tend to be quite sporadic, the way I work it is I check every day, and just do whatever I see each day, they don't tend to always stay there for long, so when they arrive I complete them all. Seems to go that the first week of the month is quite the other 3 awash with surveys.


Lifepoints is one of the sites I am currently using two accounts as they are even more worthwhile that way.
Payment is at £5.00 PayPal, once redeemed it can take 1-2 weeks to get into your account, but it always gets there never fails.

You can also redeem for an array of vouchers

My history with lifepoints

So in 2020 earnt a humungous £520.00, very happy with that, and in 2021 we are well on our way in our first 3 months we have earnt £120.

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