Make money transferring money

Make money just by transferring money to yourself
Step by step guide


As I am sure your aware, or if your not you will be I like free money, Love free money.

I was looking at these offers for quite a while before I decided to do them, but after I completed them I was amazed at how easy it was to earn some money just from sending it to myself.

Really easy to do, if you follow the step by step guides below, will take a few days to get back into your account, but you will have boosted your money really easily.

This works by taking advantage of some signup offers that can make a pretty penny in just a couple of days with very little work.

So here is my step by step guide tried and tested myself, any questions let us know and the money earner will be happy to help explain.

The links in the site are all referral links which you can then share yourself, you need to use these links (or others) in order to get the bonuses to make it profitable, but it will be clear that the link has tracked when you click through

Transfer wise

Step 1: Sign up to transfer wise, verify with details and phone number (we will use transfer wise to send all our money to from other providers and then withdraw back to our bank account) – signing up with this link will come in handy later as you get a fee-free transfer to transfer all back to your main bank
May need to deposit a small amount to view your account details I just deposited £20 to my account to open it from my bank account

2) Azimo – First azimo sign up and verify your account (really quick to do) and send £100 to your transfer wise EU account and if have signed up with a referral you will see your £10 discounted before you send, so you send £90 and receive £100 the first transfer is fee-free as well


3) Skrill was my second one another £100, sign up with referral link £10 will get taken off when you send the money to yourself to your transfer wise account, pay with a credit or debit card. (both of which are fee free)

4) World remit, is the biggest bonus but twice the work, sign up with this link

Verify account

Send £100 to a Belgian EU account (your transfer wise one)

On the second-page enter code “3free” to take off the 90p, send to your transferwise account

Says you need to enter a Belgian number but you can just enter your uk one
Once the money has been received you will get a code sent to your email

Repeat process but at the promo code stage enter the one in your email and £20 discount will be applied, then a small fee of 0.99p

Wait and receive your glorious money into your account

5) Once all of the transfers have been put into your transfer wise account, you can then transfer all of this back to your main bank account. If you signed up with my referral link then you will get a fee-free transfer if not don’t despair there is a second opportunity

Go on to the web page and go to the invite page go to forgot to use link and enter the link there and you will get a fee-free transfer up to £500

So if you can it is better to do it all in one go to save on fees

There is a slight risk the currency could move, but you will always make a healthy profit

If you have any questions let me know and I can walk you through it, always happy to help, email me or message me

You should be able to get all the transfer done within a few days, did mine in 3. Then back to my account instantly from transfer-wise

This has got to be one of the easiest ways to make some extra money ever.