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Make money with KDP Low and No content books

One of my favourite side hustles is KDP, making low and no-content books to sell on Amazon

The best part about KDP is that you can start for free, there are no continuing costs. Nothing upfront to pay. Making it a great side hustle to grow from absolutely nothing.

What is KDP and what are no and low content books?

KDP stands for Kindle direct publishing. KDP is a platform that allows you to very easily upload books to sell to millions of customers on Amazon worldwide. You can set it up with no cost at all, upload your writings for free, and create your own cover and amazon will list your products.

When they sell, Amazon prints the book packs it and sends it to the customer. Meaning once the book is uploaded you can sit back and relax and reap the rewards of that passive income.

But you don’t have to be the next Stephen King to make it on KDP, you can easily make money by creating no-content books (like notebooks and planners) or low-content books (puzzle books or colouring books). This is what I am hoping to achieve and after a successful Q4 in 2021 looking for further success in 2022.


Getting started with KDP

You can get started with KDP for free with just three things, an amazon KDP account, a free book interior and a free cover created by yourself. Check out how to get going with each of these here.


What books to make on KDP


My KDP earnings

I started KDP in 2021 and managed to sell 450 notebooks here is how – 2021 KDP earning report

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