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rules of market research

The rules of market research

First of all, I have set out my rules for market research, follow these rules you’ll maximise your time and chance to get on the well-paid studies.


Lets break these down then:

Rule 1: Only apply if you are available at the times required and have the correct equipment.

This rule sounds like it is obvious, well it kind of is, so when you first go to apply for the market research study, it will normally tell you when the study will be, and what equipment you will need. So don’t bother going any further if it’s in a week where you know you won’t have time to do the study, or don’t have the correct operating system or device. Sometimes I just click through and get all the way to the end and realise that even if I am successful I won’t actually be able to complete

Rule 2: Better to know a bit about the subject.

So this one again may seem obvious, but they will often be very specific demographics asking for people about their blue skoda, or getting information from a person suffering from a specific condition. I would always say have a think and see if you could see if squeeze yourself into these studies, but don’t go too far, it is very hard to talk about your role in computer science when you know nothing about it, or they may require pictures of your car etc, so sometimes it is best to just ignore those as well.

But don’t be too rigid, you may be so rigid that you won’t get into any studies at all, so see what you can get away with.

Rule 3: Pay attention to the screening questions

They can be annoying as at this point you are not even get paid for the study, but you really need to pay attention to these, make sure you put in the correct details as if you are successful they will likely want to talk to you.

Pay attention to the questions, give them good thorough answers that you think the researcher is looking for, this is only going to encourage you to get into the study.

They are not normally too extensive, but the last thing you want to do is put in rubbish answers.

Rule 4: Sign up to as many sites as possible

There are a lot of market research websites out there, so the trick is to sign up to all of them, some email you some you have to check some post on social media.

Spend an hour applying for as many different companies as possible, the more the better. Then you have done the first step, then either bookmark their current projects or make sure to check your emails a couple of times a week:

Not sure where to start, let me help with an extensive list of all the market research companies that I have used and signed up:

2) Guinea pig – Lots of studies on this one, dont think you get emails about them but check out their current projects page once a week if you sign up and use this promo code below we both get an extra £20 on your first successful study
Promo Code: 00808536
5) Askable is brilliant the studies tend to be smaller ranging from £5 to £50 I think but you can do them on the phone the support is amazing gets back to you so quickly, have done 3 phone studies and one laptop always get paid quickly as well
Sing up and check out the opportunities here



Rule 5: Don’t get disheartened

This rule is just one to say to keep motivated, you’re not going to get into one every week, unfortunately, also I think it depends on your situation, myself I work 9-5 which immediately means that unless I pull a sickie to come out of work to do some research, I am immediately not able to do them, if you are more flexible then you are likely to get into more.

But that is not to say that because you work 9-5 you won’t have any, a lot offer research in evenings and my personal favourites are the online diaries or online communities that allow you to do the research in your own time.


Normally with market research if successful on the online application they will often call you to confirm your suitability or to ask a couple of follow up questions normally just takes a couple of minutes, this is why the above rules are so important, nothing worse than getting this far being successful and realising you cant do the study. Or you know nothing about it and are lagging to a lovely person on the phone, you are just wasting your time.

I have missed out on countless studies missing a call and not calling back and then not getting into the study, it is rather frustrating, so now I always make sure that if I have missed the call I return it straight away, normally if you do same day you are not too late. Again depending on your time and schedule makes this is easier or harder.

That is it pretty much, the biggest thing to take away from this though is that if you are looking for other ways to make some money online then market research really is the answer, so much more valuable for your time £50-£150 for an hours work, makes a lot more sense than surveys.

So what are you waiting for get on it……


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