May 2022 side hustle earnings report, over £1000 how I did it…

May 2022 side hustle earnings reports


May was a fantastic month in my money earning journey. With a wide range of different earning methods. Progress really is starting to pay off in some areas which are encouraging. We have had great earnings from our Lego investments, as well as common money earning from home methods, surveys and user testing, some lovely progress with KDP, seemingly a breakthrough or mad luck with our SEO of a blog post that through a referral offer has really helped some passive income. 


As always I have been sharing all my money earning exploits and offers through my posts and on Twitter, so if you’re interested in making some extra money in your spare time, give me a follow.


Online Surveys earnings report £110 cash £50 vouchers

A decent amount from surveys again this month, with a number of different sites hitting redemption levels. Populus again tipping to £50 redemption. Lifepoints with an abundance of surveys in the last week. The long slog of inbox pounds and pure profile. But I like these 2 as you can get rewards quite easily even if they do not have the consistency and rate of pay of the others. 

Populus £50.00

Lifepoints £30.00

Inbox pounds £20

Pureprofile £10


£50 in vouchers from surveys

We also earned £50 in amazon vouchers from various studies, one larger one that I believe got from panel base that was worth £35, and then £5 from trp, £5 from Jupiter  and £5 from clubhouse. 



User testing Earnings report £58.84

User testing is still a great money earner decent haul this month with some good earnings, few minutes for these tests so a great rate of pay. Just a shame there are not more of them. But well worth signing up for – find out more here

Intellizoom £42.94

Usertesting £15.90

Competition  £6.50

We were also fortunate to get £6.50 from Ladbrokes free daily spin, not a gambler at all anymore but still take advantage of the free offerings. This was a rare win on the daily free game. But I will take it. 


Market research £8.00

Just one little market research opportunity from D scout this month slacked off on the application process. But one very little one got us an extra few pounds. 


Sign up bonuses and referrals earnings report

Chase £140 from the signup bonus and 6 referrals 

May was a great month for some free sign up offerings, Chase had an amazing £20 free money offering if you signed up to their bank, and deposited £20, you could withdraw this straight away, but I have been keeping my account to claim the 1% cashback for the next year. 

sign up offers

Shares app £60 in referrals 

There was also shares app which offered £20 free in shares. It took a long time but I did get some referrals from there as well. 


Twig £331

Then there was Twig, which is a little offer I posted about a while ago, still going strong. You can get £4 – 5 just for signing up. Well, I hadn’t been getting any notifications on the app and had kind of forgotten about it. Turns out that when logged in I had an almighty amount of pending referral bonuses. A quick message to support to chase up and it was all approved rather quickly. Totalling £331 and I could use the Twig card to transfer the money. 

This is a win for SEO, this article ranked right at the top of Google and therefore I reaped the rewards. Trying to duplicate this is a lot harder than I thought but still, we keep going and more importantly, everyone who signed up got some free money and I love sharing free money with everyone.

Luno £30 (in bitcoin)

As a bitcoin pioneer, I also have my own free code that I can share with others for them to start their bitcoin journey and get £10 free. Three friends signed up this month so I got £10 each myself. A nice little addition to the bitcoin pot.

Read more here

Bigmo £10

Bigmo is a new budgeting app, very new I think and still with some issues, but their referral bonus I saw popped up on Twitter and signed up and got £10 free sent to my bank. Cannot complain it looks like a very interesting prospect. You can also get £5 if you sign up with my link and 250 ‘bidz’ which you can use to bid on gift cards that are on offer. 

Sign up here

Profile pension £50

Another referral from profile pension so another £50 amazon voucher. Transfer a pension or sign up with a new one with a £50 deposit and get a £50 amazon voucher very happy days 

Sign up here

Amazon associate £39.02 


Good solid month and some decent money from amazon associates.

Google Adsense £3.80

Very limited still, much work to do to spread my genius money earning mood the universe


Cake Defi: 10.70 defi (£17.86)


It was a tough month for all cryptos, DFI was no different unfortunately although has held its own, the price dropped from 1st May to 31st May £3.38 down to £1.82. A big old drop. We can only hope for an increase coming in the future. Still, my plan is to hold and see what comes of my free DFI.

Read more about DFI here and how you get $30 free for well free


Lego investing £105.41 profit

A good month for the lego investing, selling 10 sets on Amazon FBA, and had to clear some space so sold the Lego 41422 that we bought at half price in bulk last year at Tesco for £12.50. We then sold it for £34 on Amazon FBA, which made us a nice 79% profit. We also sold a few of the Lego city 60305 car transporter. This one we managed to sell for our 100% return target. Again buying at half price at £12.50 but selling at £37 netting us a profit of over £12 per set just eeking under 100% profit after all fees

Read more about my lego journey here

KDP £33.39 profit


We sold a few fewer books this month but no advertising spends at all, so was nice to have all organic sales, my notebooks have finally started to dry up as expected due to the nature. But we have had some joy this month with a couple of our word search books, that took a lot longer to create and will hopefully have some more longevity.


26 book sales, some work to do to get this further where we want it to be, but loving the journey

Read more about KDP and how to start earning here


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