Micro work

Micro work / Paid Studies

Another way of making those extra pounds is through "Micro work" or Paid studies. Sometimes sporadic the work but when the work is there the pay can be very good, particularly if you have a particular set of skills can be most profitable.

The biggest advantage is the money, definitely more value for your time, some studies can be extremely well paid.

But remember it is even more important to pay attention in these tasks, slip up and dont pay attention and it is likely that you will lose the money for that study and could potentially not be invited to do any more. So although the value for money is better it will require more dedicated time

These are the best ones that I have found.

1. Prolific

2. Clickworker


4. Testable Minds


I am a bit late to the party of prolific for the pure reason I'm a bit slow, signed up probably 2 years ago never had a study, where I'm seeing all these other people saying it the best paid ever.

Well what I hadn't done is complete my profile so make sure you complete all of your profile questions and be on 100% but then once you do, keep a lookout for surveys and studies which are very well paid for the time given.

You have to be quick however surveys don't last long so you need to be on the pulse and partake straight away, i would definitely advise taking care and taking the surveys seriously and you will be well compensated.

Minimum withdrawal is £5.00, I think the best times are 9-5 Monday to Friday for studies which is why not doing well as others.

No email alerts either (or rarely), so need to basically keep the page open, there is an extension that will alert you, and then need to be quick to reserve your place, each study will tell you how long it will take and the amount you will earn.

The problem with prolific is sometimes and what has happened to me you can get banned if they think you have breached their rules, once this has happened there is no going back and you will struggle to sign up a second time. In my case, I literally have no idea what I did, and can now not do any more studies, a shame as they are really well paying

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Clickworker is another brilliant website that has a few surveys although not very often, but it has more micro work options, some small bits like checking audio or searches for small amounts but this will all add up

Complete the qualification tests to sign up to UHRS through clickworker and get oportunity for many more tasks, had some really high paying offers on click worker like testing an app for 15 pound for ten minutes work, or smaller studies for 2 cents a go listening to audios and rating them 1 -5.

Ive had no problem with getting paid for the studies, that ive completed, once get to 5 euros it will send the money automatically once a week via paypal

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Signed up to Neevo June 2020, a micro work site, mainly getting surveys based on reviewing AI transcripts, or categorisations of texts.

The good ones tend to go quite quickly but there are some good studies on there and can rack up, get paid for however many tasks you complete

On the downside there have been some bad experiences, there was one study I completed 1200 transcripts for apparently my work not to meet quality standards, so I would say it is not as secure as some of the other companies, so it depends whether you want to take the chance. Good opportunities out there sometimes sporadic and always laborius

Payment in PayPal once the studies close there always seems to be adjustments so don't take the number of tasks you do for how much you will earn.

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Testable Minds

Is similar to prolific, but the studies are less regular by the looks of it, again its probably a case of being a 9-5 job, otherwise you get a lot fewer studies but even less than prolific by the look of it.

I got so close to payout then the studies dried up but others have claimed big successes.

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