Money dashboard sign up offer

Get £4 amazon voucher for free with a Money Dashboard referral code

Very easy free money offer this one, but a very easy £4 amazon voucher, as well as lots more potential for signing up with a referral code, and then share your own referral code with friends and family. Incredibly easy to do.

What is Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a very familiar app at the moment. A finance app that you can link all your accounts to, to make them all visible at the same time. Help track your spending and savings.

It is a handy tool to help track your finances and spending habits quick and easy to use, has been around for some time and has over 600,000 users. I cannot really say it is wholly better than the other offerings, but it does no harm, is free and gives you a free £4 amazon voucher and quite a quick payment as well

Money dashboard referral code, steps to £4 amazon voucher

So if you sign up with my or anyone else's referral code you can get an incredibly easy free £4 amazon voucher within 7 days, all for free.

Just follow these steps.

1) Sign up with the following link

2) Connect your bank account to Money Dashboard, to track your finances. (All secure and for free)

3) We will both get a £4 gift card 5-7 days after you set up your account and use the app

Share your referral code with friends and family and get a further £4 free

Once you have signed up, you will then get your own referral code, which if your friends or family sign up with, you will each get £4 free as well.

Just go on to the home screen, click on profile and then invite friends on the top left-hand corner simple as that.

Any questions just let me know

Don't forget to sign up with my link first, where we will both get £4 free for signing up.

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