My trees app review

My Trees app Review: Earn some money and save the trees

My Trees, is a new mobile app, currently available on the app store and soon to be google play. The base idea is that your ‘eco actions’ can earn real cash rewards and plant some trees while you are at it. Through this review we will see how much you can earn, how to do it and how good the, My Tree mobile app is, let the review begin.


The mobile app

So firstly, My Trees is a mobile app, quite new to the scene so, so far is only currently available on the App store, but stay tuned budding tree planters, the app is also coming to google play store as well.


You can download the app here and if so wish enter my referral code

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Complete daily actions and earn money

So, the first part of the app is the daily actions section. On the actions tab which is on the bottom left of the app, you can enter different actions for each day. These are actions that you did to help be more eco friendly. Whether walking instead of driving or turning lights off or well anything, just pop on what you have done each day to make a difference, and your streak begins.


This is where the money comes into it, if you keep a 7 day streak you get 50 pence, 14 days 75 pence, 21 days £1.00 and 28 days streak which is then a total of £3.75. Not bad for each day clicking a couple of buttons and tracking your stats. I have been told they are cumulative so after 7 days you get 50 p then 14 days get an extra 75p (Total £1.25 etc)


Impact: grow some trees


The second tab on the app is impact which is all about your trees likely showing how many trees you have grown, the more tasks you do the more trees you can save


Also on this page you can read about and watch videos on the projects around the world, they were short 1-minute snappy videos


But again the biggest thing you see is the drawing to the subscription of £8.99 a month to save some more trees, this seems where the app is angled towards, trying to get you to sign up for this monthly payout in order to save more trees each month.

My rewards: win some money

The next part, my rewards section, is where your money goes from your weekly streaks, which you can redeem with PayPal with ease. Also, there is a daily prize draw where you can get a chance to win £5


You can increase the chances of winning the prize draw by completing those daily entries. You get more chances of winning if you are signed up to the monthly donation subscription as well. But to be honest not for me


Karma coins


Karma coins are exciting and a mystery at the moment, you will earn Karma coins by completing your daily statement of the good thing that you did. But at the moment these karma coins are not worth anything yet. But, apparently much more is to come. There will apparently be ‘brand perks’ where you can exchange for sustainable brand perks.


Secondly, their statement goes“the utility of these coins is somewhat of a secret for now but we have some meta mega plans for coins in the future” this implies to me something in the metaverse, maybe I will be able to buy a tree in the metaverse. Or have an oak or maple NFT.


If that’s the case maybe nice trees are the time to get into the metaverse so I will be racking up those karma coins to see what the reward is.


The conclusion from the My Trees review

So ultimately this app is a decent way of making a few quid, no guarantee for much more than that, I won’t be subscribing to their £8.99 plan. There is a chance of earning some good money and some excitement. But what it is good for though is making sure I am making a positive impact each day it is a good healthy reminder to do so. (granted I don’t have to) I could just click one thing each day and claim my mysterious karma coin. But the intention is good.

But as the money earner, I am here for the few pounds you can get from signing up and clicking buttons for 28 days straight. Maybe who knows winning something on the daily prize draw as well?