Earn £5 - £50 with nectars spin and win

If you have a nectar card then you get between 1,000 to 10,000 points by doing their spin and win game, 1 time for each account.

So I managed to get 2,000 points or £10 worth of points, which is pretty damn good. Unfortunately not instant, says it can take 28 days after the campaign end date (04/01/2021) before it's in my account, taken a screenshot and mental note so I can harass them if they don't give me my points, but will be a nice little top-up in January/ February

I'll be honest forgotten about nectar after losing my card but seeing this definitely something going to kick on with next year, often have some very good deals

If you want to give the spin a go click here

Seems as well can complete the offer if your a new customer and can still take a spin, so there's no reason not to.

Also as well they are offering 10 x the nectar points on what they are calling cupboard staples between 4 - 13 December, that's a lot of points.

This includes cereals, canned goods, pasta, rice and more. Impulse foods; confectionery, snacking, bread and cakes, packaged bakery. - is the link to spin, and can register on the same page