Neevo worth the time?

Neevo Microwork worth the time?

Neevo is a micro work website, reviewing artificial intelligence, they have a variety of tasks, listening to AI and rating it and the other most popular one is categorising text, can normally do just a few tasks, they come in like batches of 200-2,000 and get paid per micro task that you complete, through Paypal once the job has finished/

Started a microtask on Neevo today and thought is it worth my time?

So there was 8 tasks available this morning, the task was to listen to some AI (the sexy Alexa lady) and rate the recording from poor to excellent and write a short summary after each one as to what was good or bad

For each recording you listened to and rated you got a whopping 0.04 cents I was think hmmm this isn't bad

But then doing the math I thought is this actually worth my time, so I did some math I did a ten-minute test to see how many I got done was as quick as I could be and wasn't distracted by anything else like I normally am in 10 minutes I got 52 recordings done so if I kept up that pace for an hour like a slave to the trade I would have achieved 312 recordings

At 4 cents each that is $12.48, for an hours work, which is £9.32 in good old English money, minimum wage at current in the UK is £8.72, so not bad then.

What I would say is there Is likely some more valuable ways to make some extra money, but £9.32 an hour if could keep up that pace is not bad I suppose

Caveats however I have on occasion had trouble with Neevo in the past with my work being stated to not be of good enough quality and then consequently not paid, so I would say pay attention, but it has been said they don't always pay, my experience has been 80% positive I would say and I would say the ones I didn't get paid, I probably wasn't paying attention.

The work is mind-numbing as well, so keeping up that pace may be difficult

But I think if I find nothing better to do later, might give an hour a crack whilst listening to an amusing podcast or some heavy metal to keep me awake.

Any questions ask away I'm always listening